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Poor water quality adverse effect on the industrial industrial 20 ton supplier boiler brunei water quality caused by adverse negative impact on the industrial boiler caused by (1) the formation of scale. Most likely to form a variety of adverse water quality scale, this will affect the performance of industrial boilers. The reason for the formation of scale, mainly because the steam can release a lot of energy, which energy is transferred to the water, if poor water quality, the boiler heating surface will therefore have a scale, whereby the thermal conductivity will reduce the boiler, the boiler energy consumption greatly increased. The size of the thermal conductivity can be used to measure the thermal conductivity of the object, the thermal conductivity of the scale will be a lot lower than the thermal conductivity of steel, which will definitely affect the thermal conductivity of industrial boilers. (2) boiler corrosion. Poor water quality can also lead to corrosion problems boiler. Especially waterwall, economizer and other metal parts of the drum will thus deformed more weak, and even the formation of leakage, destroy the original structure, reducing the strength of the metal. In this case, the boiler corrosion problems increasingly serious about the safety of the boiler severely affected, can not function properly. Boiler heating surface there will be metal corrosion products, which is more likely to lead to more serious quality problems boiler. Under the scale, cracks, leaks and other problems emerge, a number of difficult to effectively remove debris, clogging pipes, greatly enhance the difficulty of maintenance of the boiler. In addition, during maintenance, due to difficult, it takes more time and effort, improve maintenance costs. (3) induced accidents. Due to poor water quality-induced accidents abound. According to statistics, the scale accidents caused by condensation caused by about 20%. After the accident, the device will not only suffer losses, but also cause great risk to the personal safety of staff. Therefore, to reduce accidents, improve economic efficiency, on the need to strengthen water boiler.

Routine inspection of industrial 20 ton supplier boiler brunei energy saving way to check the boiler energy saving boiler is the most basic test. First, the overall boiler internal and external conduct a basic test. Routine testing basic skills boiler inspection, but the requirements of inspectors is higher, boiler inspectors are testing has a wealth of experience and high analytical skills. Hot water boiler steam energy saving Appearance test: First, to test boiler body, particularly the structure of the respective pressure element is reasonable, the pressure receiving surface and the metal member welded seams if there are defects, such as the presence or absence of corrosion, wear, there since no cracks or groove deformation, bracing and without fracture connecting seam, weld surface defect status. Found cracked test suspicious, but they can not only distinguish visually confirmed, can then use a solution of nitric acid concentration of 10% of the suspicious areas wiped clean, and then carefully observed with a magnifying glass to determine whether a crack . If the above test when the steel sheet has adhered dirt scale, a hammer tip may be used to test scale, rust knock, carefully tested after wiping. Energy saving hot water boiler steam hammer test: test hammer holding of local boiler pressure parts need to be inspected tap the appropriate strength, as well as the eyes and ears with hands, which is a comprehensive visual auditory tactile feel there are three kinds of senses to judge defect-free test. Our inspectors can properly grasp this method can be done to determine the correct level. It also reflects our boiler inspectors have a very solid basic skills. Two hammer test is not the same, are flat and round tip, the handle is made of rigid material, we have a special shape narrow neck, an elastic characteristic of the use of the handle to enhance the feel for easy inspection.

Gas industrial 20 ton supplier boiler bruneis in industrial processing and production and living, can play a significant role. In order to ensure gas boiler can maintain long-term stable working condition, you should do the proper maintenance of the boiler. But if the gas boiler has been shut down for a long time, and how to return to normal working condition it?

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