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People who have not been in contact with the boiler that such as industry and power plant boiler may not even know what the boiler is, but in fact the various boiler is very important in our lives. Power plants and central heating require boilers. There are boilers in schools, hotels, factories, hospitals, etc.

To complete the "clean winter heating pilot cities in northern areas," the goals and tasks, Jinan Municipal People's Government issued the "Jinan City" pilot cities for winter heating cleaning northern "three-year implementation plan (2017-2020 years)." "Program" is mentioned, three-year pilot period 59 key projects a total investment of 27.3 billion yuan, 2.1 billion yuan from the central government funds, municipal funds 5.8 billion yuan financial support to attract social capital of 19.4 billion yuan. Six technical work in accordance with the deployment path, focusing on elimination of coal-fired 1t energy saving boiler fully automatic turkeys, clean the deep geothermal heating, urban and rural construction and other clean energy alternative to lead technical projects, improve the maintenance of post-operation, promote clean winter heating work in an orderly manner.

Focus on the implementation of urban and rural clean energy alternatives. In the vast rural areas and central heating uncovered areas, in accordance with the enterprise-based, government promotion, residents affordable policy, local conditions, the use of alternative energy classification implementation. Urban and rural clean energy alternative to task a total of 48 projects, plans a total investment of 6.272 billion yuan (excluding clean coal-burning alternative to low-quality coal project), in which the central budget funds 820 million yuan, local financial and social capital invested 5.452 billion yuan. Coal to electricity which involves 19 projects, the use of alternative energy, Valley Electric energy storage, energy management contract, support clean green electricity for heating, with a total investment of 650 million yuan, of which the use of the central budget funds 250 million yuan; shed no change change clean heating, involving 95 000, in which the central government 200 million yuan.

If there is no long-term use of gas steam 1t energy saving boiler fully automatic turkey, at least once a month to check the boiler. If quicklime crumbled into powder in the bore need for timely replacement of lime, to ensure that safeguards within the drying chamber gas steam boiler from corrosion moisture. 2, wet wet maintenance operation process is particularly maintenance: After releasing the water in the furnace, remove dirt inside, to fill the already processed water and then heated to a temperature requirement of the bore; and then let the water all of the gas is discharged to outside the furnace, closing all valves.

What is the working principle of steam 1t energy saving boiler fully automatic turkeys?

The steam boiler as the primary source of industrial production, plays an irreplaceable role.