Commercial 4 ton Hot Selling boiler Georgia

Noun interpretation shell commercial 4 ton hot selling boiler georgia shell type boiler basic structure is the double jacket structure. Called outer cylindrical boiler shell, called the inner furnace tube (fire tube), the space between the inner ring, an outer tube filled with water, and the inner cylinder combustion chamber. When the medium pressure vapor, by the internal pressure of the boiler shell, furnace subjected to external pressure. Shell boilers and discrete and horizontal. The most commonly used fuel, gas boiler WNS horizontal internal combustion shell boiler. Shell boiler has the following characteristics: 1, containing water "pot" and light a fire in the "furnace" are contained in a housing - housing pot; 2, metal hearth (furnace) a small volume, surrounded by water, cooled extent, poor combustion conditions, must burn the fuel quality; 3, less heating surface, heating power or a small amount of evaporation, often water or pyrotechnic means to increase the heating surface tubes and the boiler capacity; 4, potshell larger diameter casing, open more porous, irregularly shaped, it is connected to the inner portion of the heated portions together from heat, temperature and the degree of thermal expansion, and thus the security housing is poor; 5, the boiler system is relatively simple structure, easy to transport installation, maintenance and inspection operation management .

Therefore, the user may wish to ask some questions to commercial 4 ton hot selling boiler georgia manufacturers in the purchase of the boiler, such as the results of pressure tests or to see the full range of boiler boiler by professional consultants state are determined after inspection contracts too late.

Introduction of Steam Boiler Manufacturer

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Low nitrogen commercial 4 ton hot selling boiler georgia revolution to lead the industry in fact so much importance to the APEC summit in nitrogen oxide emissions from the boiler is not accidental. Nitrogen oxide emissions into the atmosphere dissolved in water will generate nitric acid rain, caused extensive harm to the environment, causing huge losses to the economy. For the boiler, fuel combustion is the main part of the nitrogen oxides generated. However, in most cities, nitrogen oxide emissions from the boiler still remain at a high level, or simply just to reach deeper coal to gas demand, low nitrogen, low dust and other environmental requirements far not on the agenda.