shoe industry natural gas vacuum water tube boiler

Fast production side vacuum hot water boiler has the following various advantages: 1, good safety performance of boiler. Vacuum hot water boiler operating member remains negative pressure state, even if sudden failure occurs, it will not cause a dangerous situation outwardly explosion. 2, the actual high thermal efficiency. Due to the small heat capacity of the boiler, the heating time is short, low heat losses start-stop; while high-quality insulation materials, heat loss will be reduced to very low, the actual operation of the thermal efficiency is greatly enhanced. 3, long service life. Boiler operation remain closed, heating medium water at the factory once the injection is complete, and is highly processed deoxy, softening, etc., without having to use the latter supplement and does not scale to ensure the long-term normal use of the boiler. 4, a small impact on atmospheric pollution. I produced by using a vacuum hot water boiler premix, advanced combustion technologies of FGR greatly reduced emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and other harmful substances, using a condenser with the flue gas economizer heat fully utilized, only reduce exhaust gas temperature, NOx emissions have also been reduced, very environmentally friendly features.

Directly affect the vacuum gas boiler efficiency indicators across the country have been a number of incentives to work coal to natural gas roaring blaze of glory, with a large degree of vacuum gas boiler weakened contaminated dust, while nitric oxide and other toxic gases He gained control of smoke. Efficiency is critical indicators index measure of vacuum gas boiler, joint research subsequent direct impact on a number of incentives vacuum gas boiler efficiency indicators. Inquire by stakeholders, vacuum gas boiler heat losses produced in this Comparative primarily two: the ratio of the combustion air is not sufficient and smoke emission standards thermal runaway. Reduce heat loss of exhaust smoke can be fitted at the end of the vacuum boiler flue gas is recycled back to the heat setter, or with more advanced features of FGR boiler. Standards is not sufficient combustion air induction ratio: Usually gas ejector-based vacuum boiler type burner, forming air-fuel ratio can be automatically adjusted. Many vacuum gas boiler based on a mechanical blower burner, causing air-fuel ratio incentive criteria are as follows: air-fuel ratio of criterion comparative case divided into two categories: When too much air, the cool air may be numerous excess heat, causing energy consumption to improve gas boiler vacuum, vacuum gas boiler efficiency indicators weakened; when the atmosphere is not enough, will have not fully ignite the situation, leading to a vacuum gas boiler efficiency indicators weakened.

4 tons of natural gas boiler configuration of a single recent years with the popularity of natural gas heating boiler, more and more natural gas boiler manufacturers appeared, among the finest natural gas boiler manufacturers to quickly plant a few square Henan, Henan party fast as a well-known enterprises, beginning built in 1945, after 70 years of development formed the current structure, the Ministry of Machinery has been assessed as one of the large boiler plant, with the design and manufacture of boilers and a-level certificate more honor certificate. Henan party quickly so many best-selling products to the number four tons of natural gas boiler, the model is ZWNS2.8-85 / 60-Y, Q (vacuum, gas-fired heating) WNS4-1.25-Y (Q) (steam boiler) SZS4-1.25 / 220-Y (Q) (pressure hot water heating boilers)

Shanxi Province to respond positively to treatment advice on remediation since 2014, new registrations of 10 steam tons / hour coal-fired boilers and environmental supervision of the central group feedback, recently, government inspectors focus group, conducted a comprehensive inspection of coal-fired boilers activities, to grasp the progress and corrective measures to ensure the successful completion of the renovation work.

The statistics, since 2014, Datong new registered 10 steam tons / hour and a total of 48 coal-fired boilers, according to the provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision requirements, the county district special equipment related regulatory authorities have the 48 legally registered boilers Log off, and conduct regular inspections. As of to date, 36 units have been removed, still with 11 units, the remaining aspects of the transformation of a substance being born.

Currently, 11 boilers are still in use, some have been re-ordered natural gas boiler, gas pipeline work underway access; some have been able to replace air heating equipment; also because of the administrative division adjustment, need to further define the charge of the task.

Follow-up inspection staff proposed remediation work boiler suggested that there was any objection to the main regulatory responsibility, clear as soon as possible; dismantled boiler, strengthen follow-up supervision; boilers still in use, depending on the circumstances be accountable to county-owned enterprises; the ongoing transformation of the boiler, a clear transformation is complete to confirm compliance and acceptance of responsibility department, and follow-up supervision.