condensing gas hot water boiler machine with gas burner

Use boiler fireman in charge of daily operations would be required to learn knowledge about the use of the burner. Fireman personnel to achieve the "three to understand the four" standard that is to understand the operating principles, understand the rules, understand safety regulations; boiler operation will be, will be troubleshooting, maintenance will be simple, routine maintenance will be. When the burner has perceived findings among the working process should be shut down and notify maintenance personnel, if the need to disassemble the combustor for inspection or maintenance work, must first turn off the power and fuel. 1. boiler door lock, should ensure that the door to shake, and safe and reliable. 2. Prohibit the use of paper and garbage incineration boilers. 3. The protection system of boilers and burners comprising: explosion vent (boiler), heating system pressure protection, water protection, pressure protection, high pressure protection, low pressure protection, flame monitoring protection. When the burner practice, various protection signals are sent to the program controller, the respective program controller protection signal has been received, the protection signal only when all are normal, to start the burner. 4. The tightness of the gas line during the installation process has been checked. In general, not detached. It takes disassembly, after re-connecting line should be checked for air tightness. The gas supply pressure valve can not exceed the maximum allowable pressure in the combustor is indicated on the nameplate. When abnormal supply pressure, the burner should be closed. 6. When the filter is dirty gas pipe line, a valve should be closed pipeline cleaning (or replace) the filter gas pipe. 7. The front portion of the photosensitive surface of the photoelectric sensing should be kept clean, periodically remove the wipe. However, please note that when a sense of photoelectric eyes back into the electric eye sockets, electric eyes photosensitive part should be toward the front. 8. The temperature in the vicinity of the burner is not too high, or else the burner portion of the assembly constituted damage, especially in the control box. 9. near the burner should be kept clean, can not put their things, so as not to be drawn into the burner, resulting in losses. 10 is too high, too low or unstable portion of the assembly of a voltage configuration would damage the burner, may also affect the normal operation of the burner. 11. The burner should avoid being splashed water. Should maintain indoor dry, ventilated. 12. The flame burner requires a volume of air when burned, please keep in circulation boiler room air. 13. If the burner for an ignition fails to restart, you must wait a period of about about 10 minutes, until the combustible gas furnace burner cleared before restarting. After three consecutive failures, not in the start-up burner, shall promptly notify the professionals to repair.

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Common bath oil or gas boiler What? With the faster speed of China's economic development, people are busy with business, while also relax now become the mainstream of society, similar to this bath leisure, relaxation and other places and has become one of the eyes of many people in Hong cake, along with the pre-investment study, bath and built what is its center is the center of the boiler, we all know a good variety of boiler:? a circulating fluidized bed boiler, fuel gas-fired boilers, waste heat boiler, chain grate coal-fired boiler , biomass boilers and other so much boilers we choose what is good? as the title of the commonly used bath boiler generally 1 ton on the line, 1 ton if we want to select certain to determine a premise that is low cost, investment and quick! so some people say why do not we buy a coal-fired boiler it? cheap ah! However, we are currently in increased environmental efforts to rectify! unless you want to be caught typical. So before we left with one ton or one ton boiler fuel gas-fired boiler or one ton of biomass boilers. Of course tons of fuel oil with 1 condensing hot water boiler machine with burner is relatively small. Why? Of course Guia. Just like in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan Province, burn gas cars are more common, because cheap. However, because of the nature of the oil and gas difference between the two substances, we will inevitably feel oil to power cars obviously great, but this party in Henan fast gas boiler and an oil boiler is less established, after all, the different nature of the product, it works vary considerably. However, different fuels have different advantages, primarily the need to refer to the actual needs of customers. Henan party shares quickly using one ton of fuel oil-fired boilers are light oil and heavy oil, however, it is now the most popular one ton methanol fuel boiler, one ton of ethanol fuel boiler, one ton alcohol-based fuel boilers. To sum up we can give an example such as one ton of methanol boiler, the main fuel for industrial methanol, can be used for heating water, heating, for steam and thermal efficiency are higher than most of the fuel gas-fired boiler, and one ton of methanol boiler is also in line with the national energy saving policy can be described as any harm! more 1 tons of fuel oil boiler price? Please online consulting engineers!

Application: hospital, school, Garment factory

Chain grate hot water boiler is an industrial or utility boiler that generates thermal energy by burning coal that is put into the firebox. Bituminous , anthracite, lignite, lean coal, coke,cotton stalk,groundunt shell,palm fiber, saw dust, bagasse, rick husk are available for chain grate hot water boiler. Chain grate hot water boiler for sale is still very necessary and popular in areas where the oil and gas are beyond.It plays a significant role in fuel costs savings.