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DHX series steam circulating fluidized bed boiler 20t commercial dealer cyprus business to South Africa advantage

It adopts water cooling air ventilation board and sandwich air cooling ignition device, and also the technology of layer blast and layer combustion.

Blue Sky Battle horn started, our country constantly walking on the green road. Reduce atmospheric emissions of nitrogen oxides, improve air quality, but also the people a blue sky, the industry has invested in the construction of environmental protection go, Guizhou Baiyun Quan Lake Hotel is no exception. As we all know, fast boiler 20t commercial dealer cyprus R & D in the field of clean fuel boiler never stopped, through market research and screening, Guizhou Baiyun Quan Lake Hotel in October 2017 signed a low-nitrogen Thalia T5 series vacuum hot water and fast boiler boiler for hot water supply and heating the hotel.

Gas hot water boiler 20t commercial dealer cyprus 10 t CWNS7-95 / 70-Q, the water temperature was 95 ℃, return water temperature is 70 ℃, boiler water circulation is 240t / h.

For a long time, in the development of planning, lack of awareness of the comprehensive planning electric steam boiler 20t commercial dealer cyprus heating, new and piece together the residential building "must attack", dispersed along a small hot water heating boiler room became a "stopgap measure" to form small electric steam boiler room size, small electric steam boiler capacity is causing a large energy consumption congenital defects, and the formation of this "two small" facts, is indeed closely related to the lack of unified planning, reconstruction and piece together because there was no planning is also very hard to avoid blind.