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Solution 1, due to the decrease of the atmospheric pressure, the fuel combustion speed slower burn time becomes longer, the carbon dioxide dissociation rate increases, increasing the chemical incomplete combustion heat loss. Solution to this problem is to appropriately increase the furnace volume, increased fuel residence time in the furnace. 2, no influence of the atmospheric pressure drop pairs exiled heat transfer coefficient of the heating surface, but decreases of Flame cause radiation heat transfer coefficient is reduced, so that the overall heat transfer coefficient is reduced. While reducing the radiation heat transfer coefficient caused by furnace exit gas temperature rise increases the convective heat transfer temperature difference, but to ensure that the exhaust gas temperature rises to a certain extent without excessive levels of convection heating surface area of ​​the boiler should be appropriate increase. 3, low-altitude wind pressure effect on the smoke characteristics of a large gas-fired boilers, gas boilers running in the plateau region, the burner selection must be a revision in its air volume and pressure, ensure that the output power and boiler burner output.

Food factory boiler soot-blowing role and impact of food plant boiler to boiler soot-blowing operation and influence on boiler operation, food plants after a period of time is to use the boiler soot-blowing operation of the line. After running for some time since the boiler, the boiler body have a lot of surface fouling and coking, the influence of thermal efficiency of the boiler. So, food plants to regularly carry out a program for boiler soot blowing, improve thermal efficiency and fuel efficiency of the boiler. (1), sootblowing effect: long-term operation of boiler, heating surface will produce fouling and coking deterioration so that the heat transfer, on the back pass, because of the long time accumulation of combustible, combustion will deteriorate further episodes trouble, it is necessary to carry out the heating surface sootblowing in the boiler operation after a period of time to clean the heating surface. (2), the choice of short sootblowing lance tube furnace for heating water wall surface of the sootblowing; sootblowing use a long lance tube flue, a sootblower superheater and reheater heating surfaces.

Of the boiler system operated at optimized state, it must be specialized chemicals treatment of boiler system water system: to remove scale, rust and anti-corrosion treatment: 1 chemical cleaning: adding a chemical cleaning agent to rust in the system , dirt, cleaning oil dispersion is discharged, reduced to clean metal surfaces; 2, routine maintenance: boiler scale inhibitor is added, to avoid rusting of metal, to prevent the crystalline precipitate calcium and magnesium ions.

As one of Beijing's air pollution emission standards of the most demanding urban, environmental control is very strict. Beijing primary school campus Emerald City as one of the cradles of socialist culture successor, in terms of the quality of students' learning environment is put emphasis on one hundred percent. October 2017, Beijing primary school campus Emerald City with my company, signed a two Thalia T6 series vacuum hot water boiler industrial 1t hot selling maldives for winter heating use.