8t steam boiler Energy Saving Jordan

PM2.5 is frequently mentioned in recent years, and its main premise was that the formation of NOx, according to the latest research results show in Beijing, PM2.5 and NOx emissions due to the formation of more than 50% of the total proportion of PM2.5. Because of a large area of ​​coal to gas projects in recent years, the country's use of gas-fired boiler more than 50 million units in the Beijing area, gas boiler emissions will soon exceed the vehicle, as the primary sources of NOx in Beijing, so Beijing EPA first proposed the strict NOx emission standards: Beijing new boiler to perform emission limit of 30 mg / standard cubic meter for boilers with high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban, the implementation of emission limit 80 mg / standard cubic meter . The standard is much higher than the European emission standards for boilers, to the world's most demanding emissions standards in Southern California to move closer to the boiler.

The Indian customer needed a 8t steam boiler energy saving jordan for the food plant, taking into account multiple sources and decided on a 6-ton szs gas steam boiler. The other party said that the boiler room occupied by the natural gas boiler is small in area, and the natural gas is transported by pipeline, which is very convenient to use. In addition, natural gas is a clean energy source that is environmentally friendly and non-polluting. Therefore, the other party is interested in a gas boiler.

Gas 8t steam boiler energy saving jordan operating costs of food plant operating costs how much gas steam boiler plant food How much? For many food plants, the cost of the pre-purchase of the boiler is a big expense, there is the cost of running late for textile mills is a big expenditure of. Food is also running costs of the plant said. For food plant, the cost is currently running mainly include two aspects. Labor costs plus fuel costs.

10 tph WNS gas-fired 8t steam boiler energy saving jordan in ShanxiThe "Golden Leaf Group" is one of the several listed companies in the country for tobacco. In 2010, Golden Leaf established the cat Good Cat Cigarette Company in Xian, which mainly produces high-grade cigarette pack printing and cigarette filter rods. Good Cat Company needs to use a lot of steam in combination with filter rod production, tobacco carton compounding, and drying. According to the requirements of the national environmental protection regulations, standards, environmental impact assessment technical guidelines and other requirements, the boiler was invited to bid. ZOZEN boiler had the honor to provide 10 tph WNS condensing gas-fired steam boiler for production use. Vertical and circumferential seams of the boiler, ZOZEN is using advanced submerged arc welding technology, and 100% ray detection to ensure the quality of welding. At the same time, the WNS series boilers are equipped with sufficient steam space and heating surface so that the boiler can efficiently produce high-quality steam.