Commercial 4 ton Factory Price steam boiler Turkey

6 tons of hot water boiler heating area can meet much faster the calculation before the party expertise engineers: one ton of hot water boiler to provide 10,000 square meters of heating area. In other words, six tons of hot water boiler to meet the 60,000 square meters of heating area. This is a very high figure in the boiler industry, the majority of boiler manufacturers produce hot water boiler can not meet this standard. But when it comes to heating, it is affected by many aspects. User area, a variety of different situations of building height, building materials insulation effect, etc., will directly affect the heating situation. Therefore, when you buy heating boilers, in conjunction with the above factors and a variety of boiler manufacturer's technical staff docking. Fang quickly into the boiler career for many years, providing heating hot water boilers for countless enterprises, entertainment, heating stations and other places. According to user environment (different requirements for nitrogen oxide), various factors such as building height and insulation materials, to provide users with appropriate solutions to ease your choice. In addition to the gas hot water boiler, hot water boiler fuel as well as fast side; also has a hot water boiler ultra-low emission of harmful substances, to obtain more information, please direct online consultation fast boiler!

2. High penetration of automatic control systems makes operation and running simple.

3. It has good steam boiler service which ensures reliable and timely maintenance to avoid boiler failure.

Gas boiler cleaning process:

The first step: cleaning cleaning, according to the share of circulating water in the cleaning tank cleaning equipment is good to participate in the cleaning agent, boiler cleaning cleaning carried out, according to the amount of dirt to determine how much time cleaning cycle and how many agents participate, confirm all quality cleaning dirt after down into the next washing program.

During the training, the participants visited the group to arrange a call center, research and development centers, production workshop, the participants said that through this training visit, the other fast Group's corporate culture, lean management, staff professionalism with a deeper understanding of each other soon Group Technology R & D investment, product quality control, after-sales service system construction with understanding. Participants said that the current visit and study, the other group soon have a new understanding, and trust each other more products faster, this is very good training visits, Hope Group to adhere to gone out of existence. Safety Training Week is running fast party group of service users yet another form, the Group will integrate a variety of services in the form of online and offline, adhere to convenient and efficient service concept, to provide users with the best quality service.