For Sale Industrial boiler 4 ton Kuwait

After successful developing of 75t/h-480t/h CFB by ZG CFB for sale industrial boiler 4 ton kuwait for sale in 2010, the CFB technology begins to advance rapidly. It steps from intermediate temperature and pressure, sub-high temperature and pressure to high temperature and pressure, and super-high pressure reheating unit, which covers all series of product with different capacity such as 35t/h, 75t/h, 130t/h, 220t/h,280t/h and 440t/h. It can apply to different kinds of coal, such as gangue, anthracite, bituminous, petroleum coke.Among these capacity, 75t/h CFB boiler is most popular for industry.

Steam for sale industrial boiler 4 ton kuwait operation inspection and maintenance 1, the general routine examination: a, in order to ensure the safety valve, pressure gauge work properly, must be checked on a regular basis; b, to reduce the sudden change in load. C, holding pressure, the normal range of operating water level; D, class of chemical water boiler steam scoreboard supervision; E, or holding water supply water circulation system is working properly; F, with the automatic control device, the adjustment should always pay attention to check to ensure the unit normal. 2, a steam boiler routine should check the contents of a, a check of the gauge once a day, flushing water holding glass sheet surface normal instruction; B, note that whether the water supply valve and the fuel supply duct section leak; C, to check whether the oil mixed water; steam boiler through the back of each instruction to check the meter, whether the data is normal; D, bearings and other rotating member of the class through the back check the temperature, lubricating oil level, is normal; E, class records to run well established then switch to shift recording system.

However, both the steam for sale industrial boiler 4 ton kuwait or hot water boiler, do not let the water directly into the boiler, but to be equipped with a large water tank on the side, from the tank pumped into the boiler, which is why? It turned out that ordinary tap water or ground water, water has certain impurities, that is, we often say "hard water", through these hard water in the boiler is heated, the scale will be left after evaporation, and attached to the tube boiler. Life in the scale of harm we all know, will also affect the normal operation of the boiler.

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