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Check the ignition before the gas boiler and gas boiler should pay attention to the project pre-purge before ignition, the pre-purge can clear the air in the furnace chamber to prevent knocking, before each ignition must be strictly enforced. 1, 2 Open the power to start the gas burner 3, when the discharge valve on the drum, the steam comes out completely when it is closed 4, the boiler inspection manholes, hand hole flange and valves, the leak was found to be fastening, such as fastening the leakage maintenance shutdown 5, when the supplier steam boiler energy saving 2t thailand pressure liter 0.05 ~ 0.1MPA, replenishment, sewage, water supply systems and sewage screening test device while flushing water table 6, when the steam pressure was raised to the boiler when 0.1 ~ 0.15MPA, rinsed gauge trap 7, when the steam boiler pressure was raised 0.3MPA, the fire load / small fire fire knob to enhance combustion. 8, when the air pressure steam boiler operating pressure was raised 2/3 when started warm air supply tube, slowly open the main steam valve, to avoid water hammer 9, when the drain valve is completely out of steam 10 to turn it off, after all drain valve closed, slowly open the main valve to open, and then turning half-rings 11, the gas burner control knob to the automatic transmission.

There are many reasons after what factors led to a long period of aging gas-fired boiler in use, gas boiler may appear the phenomenon of aging, this phenomenon, so we should always its maintenance and repair. Some parts of the gas boiler is very susceptible to corrosion, since these parts are long-term immersion in water, where there is water and the residual air after contact with susceptible to corrosion. Here we have for how to prevent gas boiler corrosion to analyze parts of boiler corrosion often occurs, to facilitate better precautions. First, superheater boiler vertical bends place is a place very prone to corrosion. Because the device is a long soak in the water, if water is not cleared in time of severe corrosion occurs where the surface in contact with the head play. There boiler equipment reheaters is the same and elbow are immersed in water fitting part, on the causes of corrosion and elbow are the same. Then place a part of the phenomenon of boiler economizer corrosion will occur, the speed of corrosion occurring in, if in the production of high temperature boiler has been in the work environment at the entrance is prone to corrosion in the production of relatively slow if it is discontinued after corrosion rate is not the same. Gas-fired boiler in one of the many devices and large-scale production units and other places are essential in the production and life, for use of the product is very important, people in general are specialized in boiler operation for many years boiler personnel. Correct and effective use of the product will give us a great deal of production and living convenience and productivity benefits, but if you take illegal operation or maintenance of the normal use of the device, it will cause a failure occurs during use of the device, serious anti fitments explosion caused casualties and property.

Many hotels, residential boilers are hoping to complete the heating bath + dual purpose. When the boiler to achieve two purposes, taking into account both the need for different water temperature, the hot water produced by the boiler needs to be divided into two by a trap, the way used for bathing, another path for the heating, can be two-way Configuring the heat exchanger, the water temperature set flexibly according to specific needs.

It is reported that fast boiler opportunity to help APEC summit, with more than Institute, universities collaborate to jointly develop the latest ultra-low nitrogen oxide emissions control technology, nitrogen oxide emissions will be maintained at 33 mg / m within the scope of the emissions has exceeded European standards in the future, this technology will better serve the Beijing as well as the national gas boiler renovation project. "Our vision is to: continue to meet the energy needs of user convenience and energy saving, the fast boiler build the first brand of Chinese clean boiler future we will continue in different areas of ultra-low nitrogen, ultra-low dust, low noise, etc. continue to explore. in order to achieve greater results. "the technician said in conclusion.