Supplier High Efficiency boiler 10 ton Turkey

This chapter Xiao Bian gave you these three cases is the number of supplier high efficiency boiler 10 ton turkeys are air consumption: regular manufacturers of 6 tons of gas boiler is a standard, rated steam pressure of 6 tons of gas boiler is 1.6MPa, rated steam temperature 204 ℃, the thermal efficiency is depending on the manufacturer's technical standards and different, according to well-known manufacturers Henan party fast factory technician stated that its company produces thermal efficiency of 6 tons of natural gas boilers up to 95%, may in some do not understand the line the customer's eyes, a few percent is not obvious, but once put on the industry able to have a very large customers to reduce fuel costs per year, compared to the technology in terms of well-known manufacturers chose better. Closer to home, gas boiler according to the air consumption parameter table displayed on the technical side of Henan fast calculation formula, a calorific value parameter is gas 35438KJ, and the consumption of natural gas boilers is 75 cubic meters per ton, if it is, then the consumption of the boiler 6 t 450 cubic meters, while gas-fired air consumption are calculated by the hour, so air consumption summary, six tons of gas boiler is 450 cubic meters per hour.

Selection configuration schemes gas steam supplier high efficiency boiler 10 ton turkey: Each industry demand for gas steam boilers are different, we as a professional comprehensive boiler enterprises, involving all sectors need to use boilers have the knowledge and understanding, ensure that you provide Selection of the correct guidance and boiler design.

Fluidized bed conversion continues to play an important role in the Finnish energy economy. Most of the supplier high efficiency boiler 10 ton turkeys in Algeria are bubbling beds, but some large ones are circulating fluidized bed boilers. The boilers burn a great variety of fuels and the role of biomass and waste derived fuels is remarkable.

Recently, the Ministry of Environmental Protection by the volatility of the newly revised "Boiler Air Pollutants Emission Standards" released in July this year, the implementation of this standard is known as by far the most stringent air pollution emission standards for supplier high efficiency boiler 10 ton turkeys, boiler caused by the manufacturing sector.

Compared with the existing standards, new standards not only revised the traditional particulate matter and sulfur dioxide emission limits, for the first time proposed emission control standards for nitrogen oxides and mercury, Forced boiler manufacturers have to upgrade technology, from the source control boiler discharge atmospheric pollutants.

One side is desulphurization and denitrification entered the final stage, while the new emission standards of air pollutants are being introduced amendments to the boiler. Such as pollutant emissions from large wide range of small capacity monomer emission coal-fired boilers and other issues close to the ground long standing will once again be enlarged, comprehensive improvement of coal-fired boilers will undoubtedly become the next focus of urban air pollution control. Analysts believe that the implementation of the new standard direct-driven investment in environmental protection will reach 370 billion yuan to 4500 yuan, while the boiler manufacturing industry is facing exams has also led to the relevant environmental protection equipment market to break out again.

By the end of 2011, our country in the boiler 620,300 units, of which 09,700 units utility boilers, industrial boilers 610 600 units, with a total capacity of about 3,515,900 kilowatts. In 2012, industrial boilers reached 62.4 million units, about 98% of the total number of boilers.

In industrial boilers, coal-fired boiler is more than 80%, the annual consumption of 490 million tons of standard coal, the average efficiency of 65% to 70%, emissions remain high.

In 2012, coal-fired industrial boilers cumulative emissions of dust 4.1 million tons, 5.7 million tons of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides 2.0 million tons respectively, accounting for 32% of total national emissions, 26% and 15%, a major cause of fog and haze one of the reasons.

For this reason, in the 2013 set off a nationwide clean energy alternative coal-fired boiler boiler, more than one place Shandong, Shanxi and other relevant measures have been introduced on clean energy alternative to coal-fired boiler work. "The introduction of the implementation of the most stringent standards, will set off a coal-fired boiler in the second round.

Four existing small and medium sized coal-fired boilers in China. One pollutant emissions from large, wide surface. Second, small-cell capacity, the average capacity of 8 tons / hour, the number of 10 tons / hour of small coal-fired boilers is 42 million units, accounting for two-thirds of the total. Third, emissions close to the ground, a great impact on quality. Fourth, boiler technology, main and auxiliary mismatch, poor health. In addition, most small boiler lack of dust removal, desulfurization and denitrification equipment, led to the current sulfur dioxide and dust emissions from boilers widespread non-compliance.

From the present point of view, domestic clean energy technology matures, the implementation of new emission standards for technology development has brought very good driving force for the future, who can stable up to standard technical requirements of the country, will have a presence in the market value Otherwise it can be eliminated.