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Analysis of gas boiler dealer commercial 1 ton laos flue gas temperature reduction effect gas boiler exhaust gas temperature of the flue gas dispersed drop impact profiling steam boiler flue gas contains much sensible heat and latent heat, plenty of flue gas using heat power consumption can be reduced, and the end pollutant emission reduction. Higher natural gas boiler flue gas moisture content, water vapor condensation process will release a lot of latent heat of vaporization, a lot of water occur together, and less impurities in natural gas, condensed water is relatively clean, so flue gas waste heat recovery of natural gas has become a hot research . In the heating system, gas-fired boiler flue gas heat recovery can adopt different skills roads. The most common is the addition of the condensing heat exchanger in the practice of tail gas boiler, heat transfer in this area of ​​research include theoretical and experimental research [1-4], enhanced heat transfer and corrosion research [5-7], condensation heat transfer equipment use equipment development and demonstration projects, etc. [8-9]. Boiler flue gas at a dew point of about 55 ℃ (excess air coefficient 1.15), only the heating medium temperature of less than 55 ℃ ability to recover the heat of condensation in the flue gas heat recovery better effect even at 30 deg.] C or less competence . In the category of central heating, hot net return water temperature above 50 ℃, and therefore can not recover the full flue gas condensation heat. This additional condensing heat exchanger directly in the tail gas boiler often only way to recover some of the latent heat of flue gas condensation heat is not the end of the depth to recover.

In order to promote technological progress and sustainable development, improve environmental quality and protect public health, recently, the Liaoning Provincial People's Government of air pollutants for coal-fired power plants developed specific criteria (hereinafter referred to as the "standard"). This is the first time a set of policies Liaoning Province for air pollutant coal power plant.

"Standard" provides for pollutant discharge limits, surveillance and monitoring requirements within the jurisdiction of coal-fired power plant in Liaoning Province atmospheric and fugitive emissions control requirements. Since the implementation of the standards, air pollutant emissions coal-fired power plants all within the jurisdiction of Liaoning Province will be executed in accordance with the provisions of this standard.

2, since January 1, 2019, the emission limits of existing single output and more than 300MW generating units supporting the provision of a coal-fired power generation boilers execution table.

3, since 1 December 2020, the emission limits of existing single output 300MW generating units supporting the coal-fired power generation boilers and other power boilers as specified in Table 1 execution.

Sampling the exhaust gas (1) power plant, to be carried out in a predetermined position in accordance with the type of monitor emissions monitoring contaminants. In the discharge of pollutants should be set up to monitor the position of long-term monitoring holes, sampling platform and related facilities. When the sampling platform height from the ground greater than 40m, should be set by a lift platforms, lifts or other convenient and safe facilities. No elevator or elevator building coal-fired power plants, when the sampling platform height from the ground greater than 20m, should be set up safe, convenient electric monitoring equipment hoisting facilities.

Composition structure (3) continuous monitoring system atmospheric pollutants, technical requirements, test items, test methods and installation, commissioning, acceptance, operation management, data processing, etc. according to the provisions of HJ75 and HJ76.

(5) continuous monitoring system meter of air pollutants detection sensitivity, detection limit, and should meet the range of low concentrations of pollutant emission monitoring technical requirements, the concentration of nitrogen oxides include nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (of NO2), Determination of nitric oxide only has the ability to configure the analytical device of nitrogen oxides NO2 / NO converter.

(7) for coal-fired power boiler emissions of air pollutants sampling monitoring, sampling frequency, the sampling time and the operating load requirements,, HJ / T397 and related predetermined low exhaust gas concentration monitoring is performed according to specifications GB / T16157.

(9) shall be in accordance with the provisions of the enterprise "Environmental Monitoring and Management Measures" and the HJ819, HJ820 requirements of pollutant emissions and its impact on environmental quality around to conduct their own surveillance, monitoring and save the original records, public information.

Determination of air pollutants fired power plant analysis are shown in Table 2. After the release of the present embodiment national standard method of monitoring criteria pollutants, such as applicability to meet the requirements, the same applies to the determination of the corresponding standard contaminants present.

2, responsible for overseeing the management of this standard by the executive authorities and the standardization of administrative departments above the county level environmental protection. The results of the environmental protection departments at all levels and other relevant units in the enterprise supervision and checks can be instantly sampled or monitored the scene as determining whether acts of sewage meet emissions standards based on the relevant environmental protection and the implementation of management measures.

How to buy gas hot water boiler dealer commercial 1 ton laos has been well known that the major manufacturers in the boiler is always an indispensable source of power and heat supply equipment, gas hot water boiler Take the recent strong performance and good applicability is widely used . Over the years professional and efficient gas hot water boiler in various industries tirelessly to function with. And the market is good debate about the gas hot water boiler which company has also been going on, so small series and now just want to write this article focuses on how to choose the next to good quality gas hot water boiler equipment. First, understand the manufacturer's technical resources background first a reliable gas hot water boiler must have come from the industry, the more prestigious manufacturer of hand, because there are only very reliable resources and a strong technical background to complete this large-scale equipment development, and manufacturing. Therefore, to take a good look at content producers in the introduction of gas hot water boiler. Second, understand the specific device performance and functionality at the same time in order to allow a selected gas hot water boiler qualified for their job needs, we put in some effort to fully understand its performance characteristics and features of the gas hot water boiler, in addition to the process to find the most suitable equipment outside, but also further determine the boiler brand of professional level. Third, the reference area of ​​practical application reputation feedback device other a more mature market, common gas hot water boiler must be a large number of users, then these people are distributed in all walks of life of the production line of the device must have its own evaluation, the evaluation information can actually be more a more complete picture of the characteristics of a gas hot water boiler. Concluded that the election to the excellent quality of a gas hot water boiler is a prerequisite to ensure normal production, and thus to understand the technical background of its resources in the boiler manufacturers have production, and to understand the specific performance of the gas hot water boiler and equipment features, of course, have the reputation of this reference gas hot water boiler in the actual production of the first line to get feedback.

Talking about some of the content management system of process gas steam boiler dealer commercial 1 ton laos steam boiler operation of the gas during operation, it also has some management system, we all need to comply with in order to be able to get a good management effect, thus effectively gas steam boiler management, reduce the probability of occurrence of a failure, in turn, enhance the efficiency of gas steam boiler, extending its life. So, work in this area is very important for gas steam boiler is concerned, we should seriously study the following, in order to be able to grasp as soon as possible. 1, gas steam boiler mobile inspection system (1) personnel on duty during the watch, should do their own work, in accordance with the requirements of the device under the jurisdiction of a check, and should be checked carefully, there can be no omissions. (2) During the inspection tour, once found to have abnormal phenomenon, it should take timely measures to deal properly and timely reporting and make the appropriate records. (3) to be detailed and thorough examination, to completely understand the operation of equipment for the job can not be fuzzy rough. After the full completion of a good job, to be able to report. (4) if there is a defect in terms of apparatus, the apparatus should be recorded in the defect log book, for future investigation. (5) to do shift work, the specific circumstances described in detail. 2, gas steam boiler periodic testing, maintenance, rotation system (1) security devices, alarm devices and the rotation portion, to be checked periodically, is in good condition. (2) duty requirements shall test the operation or rotation of the work, and can not be arbitrarily extended intervals.