4t Dealer Commercial boiler Nepal

How Selection 4t dealer commercial boiler nepal boiler is an energy conversion device, the output is steam. As more and more people demand for it, more and more models on the market, to master the method of selection is very important for new users, here to teach you the equipment selection methods: 1, the heating load = heating load per unit area x (w / m) / efficiency. 2, steam or hot water boilers ① mainly consider two kinds, one is a gas, a hot water, a water heating purposes. Selection ② hot water temperature should be based on need, pressure, flow, power options. 3, if it is, then the process industry depends on the demand for the particular process: ① main feedwater heating, for example heating from 10 degrees to 40 degrees, then this cycle ② maintained at 40 depends on the flow rate of the water, generally hot computational load: load = temperature differential x flow rate. ③ If thou deg.] C water temperature from 10 to 40 ℃, the temperature difference is 30 degrees, as long as you know you know you h water flow needs of the thermal load, thermal load on demand / efficiency, can know the size. Steam, hot water or organic heat carrier, each industry using a certain type of boiler heat output is not the same, so we have time to choose according to their own situation to choose, choose a good quality but also for their own equipment Very important.

Compared with conventional oil-fired 4t dealer commercial boiler nepals, coal-fired boiler, gas boiler has the advantage not to be underestimated, mainly in the following aspects: 1, and the consumption gas boiler artificial hydroelectric low cost; 2, or energy of the flue gas boiler promote condensation technology, it greatly enhance the thermal efficiency further, when the boiler flue gas temperature is lowered to less 80 ℃, up to 95% efficiency; 3, clean environment, boilers small footprint, low failure rate, can be significantly improve the use of units on-site environment, adequate supply and lower prices, environmental requirements to be the obvious comparative advantage such as high cost areas; 4, due to the use of natural gas as a clean energy boiler, it will not produce combustion in the furnace at the time of soot and dust, operating life than other types of boiler long.

Third, to maintain a certain temperature difference between flow and return can improve the thermal efficiency

Condensing boiler circulation pump in the heating system used is a keep up the flow of water medium, so that the high-temperature water in the boiler to the end device comes out. But the circulation pump in the boiler is a certain speed, that is, no matter how much power in a condensing boiler combustion, a circulation pump is always in operation speed, the use of variable frequency pump, pump speed changes with power boiler changes, it will make flow and return temperature is maintained constant temperature difference, so to maintain a certain temperature difference between flow and return of the thermal efficiency can be improved.

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