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Natural circulation and forced circulation 8t energy saving boiler low price cambodias What are the differences: natural circulation and forced circulation are two state of the process cycle boiler operation, the two are essentially different nature. Fang Xiao Bian will soon these two states were compared with the comparison cycle, allowing you to better understand the knowledge to run the boiler. Natural circulation principle: rely fall outside of the furnace tube and the resulting rise in the working fluid heated furnace tube density difference between the active mode of operation to promote water circulation. Circulating route back drum, the downcomer, the header, the riser, soda introducing tube and other components. An outer pot of water drops down into the water wall tube lower header, and then by furnace wall (i.e., the rising pipe) is heated to a mixture of soda (sparkling rate 5-25%), and then enters the tube through the steam separator drum for introducing soda saturated steam is sent to a superheater, boiler water return downcomer still continues to loop. The main features of natural circulation boiler: 1, only to work under pressure subcritical below. Flue parameter 16.6 ~ 18.2MPa, drum natural circulation boiler operating pressure of 18.6 ~ 20.6MPa at subcritical pressure, with natural circulation of the water cycle has a sufficient driving force in order to achieve safe and reliable operation. 2, has a fixed end section evaporated. The drum was evaporated, overheating two separated, were used as a boiler with heat accumulator reservoir. 3, the design is correct, to maintain proper circulation rate or circulating water flow (circulation of water into the production riser and its ratio of the amount of steam) under normal operating conditions, with good self-compensating capability, i.e., an increase in heat absorption circuit when the circulating water flow will also increase. 4, at sub-critical pressure water wall often used internally threaded tube can be effectively prevented to ensure the ability pipe working fluid departing from nucleate boiling (DNB) is. 5, the pot may be maintained by continuous blowdown drum in salt-containing water and steam quality, feedwater quality requirements may be lower than the once-through boiler, a chemical treatment can reduce the cost of parts. 6, the system resistance is small soda, water pressure is not high, to the pump power consumption can be reduced. 7, thick-walled drum parts, high cost, and there is a temperature difference between the upper and lower outer wall and the issue, extend the starting and stopping time.

35 tph SZS series condensing superheated steam 8t energy saving boiler low price cambodia for CNEGIn the heavy machinery manufacturing industry, the processes of smelting, pouring, and producing finished castings consume a large amount of steam. ZOZEN superheated steam boiler can meet the temperature requirements of these process. Founded in 1958, China National Erzhong Group Co. (CNEG) is one of the national major technical equipment research and development bases. In the purchase of boilers, CNEG had put forward high standards and strict requirements on boiler quality. Through open bidding, ZOZEN sucessfully became the steam boiler supplier for CNEG with its own technical advantages and quality assurance. ZOZEN designed the technical solution of the SZS series gas-fired superheated steam boiler system, which can raise the steam temperature to 300 °C through the superheater. In addition, the SZS series gas-fired boiler forms a large-volume furnace space by the membrane water wall, which ensures better fuel insulation and full fuel combustion. Combined with advanced the low NOx burner, it can easily achieve low emission of NOx less than 30mg/m³. And in order to further ensure the safe and normal operation of the boiler, boiler will undergo rigorous water pressure test and air tightness test before delivery.

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Calcium carbide furnace waste heat 8t energy saving boiler low price cambodia is a device that relies mainly on the arc high temperature to melt lime and carbonaceous materials (coke, anthracite or petroleum coke), then react to generate calcium carbide.