Energy Saving boiler Hot Selling 1t Bhutan

Description of the main differences gas energy saving boiler hot selling 1t bhutans and coal-fired boilers: coal-fired boilers and gas boilers are more common in recent years boiler category on the market, though both more consistent in showing the efficacy of the overall, but in the specific combustion, burning They have great differences in the product and the specific operational requirements and workflow, fast boiler after adequate market research, summed up the difference between the main characteristics of coal-fired boilers and gas boilers.

2, the selection valve group (primary for gas-fired energy saving boiler hot selling 1t bhutans) for the gas and dual fuel burners:

The use of group selection table to matching valve manifolds meet caliber, please note that the valve group selection table of values ​​based on data boiler back pressure is zero. Practice the gas pressure must be subtracted from the boiler back pressure valve in the selection of groups to choose the valve block. Gas valve selection table group of natural gas.

It is reported that Shandong Province to further promote the action of atmospheric pollutants governance, but also to "defend the blue sky strategy" escalating, the Shandong provincial government amended the new "Regional Air Pollutant Emission Standards" and other three local standards, as the province's mandatory local standards of environmental protection, on November 1, 2019 formally implemented.

1, to improve the standard index-related emissions, can improve the level of clean production, reduce pollutant emissions, Forced out of high-emission equipment, improve air quality. The revised standard canceled the densely populated high-polluting industries sewage privilege, the use of emissions phased strategy partition; divides a region of Shandong Province as the core focus, and general control zone, different regions perform different emission limits, based on the location of the enterprise partitioning control requirements.

2, a new round of defense blue sky "Strategy" will be ultra-low emissions standards covering all coal-fired boilers in Shandong Province, and will gradually promote the non-coal industry, requires iron and steel, coking industry emissions to meet ultra-low emission standards. Key building materials industry emissions control area cement, ceramics, lime, glass, etc. are also required to achieve ultra-low emission standards, the general control zone cement, ceramics, glass and other building materials industry emission requirements more stringent than the national standards.

3, changes in air pollutant emission standards in the current round of revisions is the biggest "air pollutant emission standards iron and steel industry." The new revised standard will help eliminate a number of small-scale, backward technology, compliance governance hopeless small-scale iron and steel enterprises, and guide the existing steel enterprises discharge standards by clean energy alternatives, etc., so as to promote Shandong Province, energy, industrial restructuring, improve the quality of atmospheric environment.

4, according to monitoring data, 2018, Shandong fine particulate matter (of PM2.5), particulate matter (of PM10), sulfur dioxide (SO2), (NO2) average concentration of nitrogen dioxide fell 14.0%, 8.5%, 33.3 %, 2.7%; the number of days of heavy pollution fell for 5 days. Wherein the fine particulate matter (of PM2.5) than the average concentration of 2013, 2015 decreased 50.0%, 35.5%.

According to the "2013 Shandong Province - 2020 air pollution control plan" in 2020, the province's basic ambient air quality standards, compared with 2010 improved by 50%. Since 2013, Shandong "broken wrist" environmental pollution, has released various standard 102.

Gas-fired energy saving boiler hot selling 1t bhutan, as the name suggests is a natural gas fired boiler, the industry is small medium and large, the home is small, gas-fired boilers to use it properly will directly determine the level of their efficiency, then the correct efficiency and high gas usage boiler what?