mechanical natural gas hot water vacuum boiler supplier

2. Power

Boilers produce high-pressure steam, which is passed through a turbine to generate electrical energy (cogeneration). The exhaust steam from the turbine is passed through the multiple effect evaporator station and used to heat vacuum pans in the crystallization stage as well as for other heating purposes in the sugar mill.

Fast production side vacuum hot water mechanical hot water vacuum boiler supplier has the following various advantages: 1, good safety performance of boiler. Vacuum hot water boiler operating member remains negative pressure state, even if sudden failure occurs, it will not cause a dangerous situation outwardly explosion. 2, the actual high thermal efficiency. Due to the small heat capacity of the boiler, the heating time is short, low heat losses start-stop; while high-quality insulation materials, heat loss will be reduced to very low, the actual operation of the thermal efficiency is greatly enhanced. 3, long service life. Boiler operation remain closed, heating medium water at the factory once the injection is complete, and is highly processed deoxy, softening, etc., without having to use the latter supplement and does not scale to ensure the long-term normal use of the boiler. 4, a small impact on atmospheric pollution. I produced by using a vacuum hot water boiler premix, advanced combustion technologies of FGR greatly reduced emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and other harmful substances, using a condenser with the flue gas economizer heat fully utilized, only reduce exhaust gas temperature, NOx emissions have also been reduced, very environmentally friendly features.

(2) fuel (gas ) vacuum phase change mechanical hot water vacuum boiler suppliers, such as vacuum phase change boilers, adopt imported burners, which have high combustion efficiency, low noise and exhaust gas emissions. Internal use of stainless steel exchanger, on the one hand to ensure high heat transfer efficiency, on the other hand, to ensure clean water quality. At the same time, the smoke tube is equipped with spiral spoiler to improve the heat transfer efficiency and reduce the operation cost. In addition, it adopts a square structure, boiler and heat exchanger designed as one, making its structure compact and small shape beauty. Through the above classification of vacuum phase change boilers, and the description of the different types of The characteristics, so that everyone to its relevant knowledge to achieve a number of.

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