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1. What is a vacuum? Divided into physical vacuum and vacuum industrial vacuum. Vacuum means that no physical space of any particle. Industrial vacuum means a pressure lower than the atmospheric gas space standard. It refers to a thin gas state. It is usually obtained by a special pump. Vacuum vacuum boilers are industrial vacuum.

2. What are vacuum hot water boiler? Vacuum boiler is a vacuum environment, the sealed furnace body negative pressure, so that the furnace body is filled with heating medium water. The heating medium water heated by burning or otherwise, and then evaporated by the heat medium and condensed water into a heat exchanger, then heating the water to be heated by the heat medium water. Vacuum heat boiler indicated: oil, gas, natural gas, natural gas, electricity -> combustion (heat conversion)> heat medium water -> steam condensation heat after boiling -> heat -> Heat Conduction -> vacuum boiler water working principle: the use of water at low pressure characteristics of a low boiling point, rapid heating of the heat medium water sealed furnace body, the heat medium temperature steam generated by the boiling water, the steam condenses on the heat transfer tubes within the heat transfer tubes heating the cold water, to supply hot water purposes. Vacuum boiling point of water and the corresponding table: structural diagram of the degree of vacuum (Kpa) 0-31-54-70-81-89-94-97-99-101 boiling point of water (℃) 10090807060504030200 vacuum hot water boiler:

Fourth, the vacuum hot water boiler mainly take the form of indirect heating boiler, mutatis mutandis, external heat exchanger and circulating water pump in the overall installation cost can save a large part; also has a fast heating, high efficiency and good heat characteristics, to a large extent for the user to save fuel costs.

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According to Anhui Province to work in the 2018 year-end summary of the province, in 2018, Anhui Province, built-up area exceeding 35 cities steam tons / hour or less industrial coal-fired boilers as well as glass, ceramic industry, industrial kilns clean energy alternative to work. Complete 97 sets of clean energy alternatives, completion rate of 76.4%, exceeding the annual target of 50% substitution tasks.

It is reported that Anhui start from the following aspects to strengthen the control and management of coal-fired boilers, is over-done.

First, strengthen research, Mozhun the truth.

1, carry out key research, went to Hefei, Bengbu, Chuzhou development of industrial coal-fired boilers, kilns clean energy alternative research work, the front line, replace understand the business progress, issues and rationalization proposals exist.

2, a diagnostic investigation, issued "regarding the development of cities and built-up areas 35 steam tons / hour boiler and industrial enterprises and the glass and ceramics industry, industrial kilns investigation work" and collect aggregate and cross-checking data to improve municipalities investigation; Third, learn practice field, go to Tianjin, Hebei research study "coal clear" action and glass industry furnace clean energy alternative to work, learn from the successful experience of leading regions. Grasp the province's boiler, furnace conditions first-hand data, be aware of the difficulties of enterprises, clear focus and difficult work.

Second, a clear mandate to strengthen the scheduling.

Issued a "built-up area of ​​Anhui Province cities 35 tons of steam per hour of coal-fired industrial boilers as well as glass, ceramics industry, clean energy alternative to coal-fired furnaces work plan", based on clear objectives, tasks, scope and duration of the transformation node, proposed work requirements. And issued a "35 tons of steam and industrial coal-fired boilers and the notification submitted on a regular basis municipalities built-up area per hour, glass, ceramics industry, coal-fired kilns clean energy alternative to progress information", and held a forum, a monthly tracking scheduling progress, and urge municipalities in accordance with the program of work, and steadily promote the implementation of alternative work schedule.

Third, innovative initiatives to promote accurate.

For enterprises in the implementation of coal-fired boilers, furnaces clean energy alternative technology transformation encountered financial problems, the implementation of precise advance.

1, the organization held a provincial industrial boilers clean energy alternative technical equipment special promotion, targeted Recommend energy-efficient air units, heat pumps integrated device source, environmentally friendly low-emission of nitrogen gas boiler and a number of boiler clean energy alternative to new technology and equipment, docking platform to build both supply and demand.

2, a clean energy alternative to key projects in 2019 included green manufacturing project-oriented investment program to enhance the enthusiasm of enterprise transformation.