20t hot water boiler Agent

The party soon provide us with three 20t hot water boiler agent output foot, gas combustion, efficiency is very high, for us to save a lot of fuel costs. Moreover, these hot water boiler can be achieved by adjusting the full 24 hours a use hot water to meet the daily needs of old people. --customer feedback

Surely I do not have to emphasize, we all know that regular gas boiler blowdown work is very necessary and important things right, which is run and the service life of gas-fired boilers, are there any harm in. Well, today we have to say something about, practices and precautions gas boiler blowdown what are.

Boiler capacity formula: boiler type = actual height ÷ international plant height (2.8m) * construction area

When the boiler model selection, the number of users of the construction area, the average height of each frame, the radiator, if geothermal (if geothermal, double press area hours calculated, which may be selected from a large area thirds two).

What is the reason the gas boiler flue gas condensation of water is? The need to deal with them?

Now the boiler on the market, the type of gas-fired boiler using energy-saving technology more and more, condensing technology is one of them. By adding in the rear of the boiler condenser, high temperature flue gas is released through the condenser when a large amount of latent heat supplied to the boiler used again.