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4 tons of natural gas boiler configuration of a single recent years with the popularity of natural gas heating boiler, more and more natural gas boiler manufacturers appeared, among the finest natural gas boiler manufacturers to quickly plant a few square Henan, Henan party fast as a well-known enterprises, beginning built in 1945, after 70 years of development formed the current structure, the Ministry of Machinery has been assessed as one of the large boiler plant, with the design and manufacture of boilers and a-level certificate more honor certificate. Henan party quickly so many best-selling products to the number four tons of natural gas boiler, the model is ZWNS2.8-85 / 60-Y, Q (vacuum, gas-fired heating) WNS4-1.25-Y (Q) (steam boiler) SZS4-1.25 / 220-Y (Q) (pressure hot water heating boilers)

Vacuum hot water boiler and pressure hot water boilers, pressure hot water boiler contrast contrast pressure hot water boiler project vacuum hot water boiler pressure hot water boiler safety risk of explosion safer 100% safe system efficiency of 90%, declining 82%, declining 92%, unfailing service life of more than 8 to 10 years 8 to 10 or 20 years (semi-permanent) slightly cheaper initial investment boiler, but the boiler room, boiler accessories cheap high investment, high investment auxiliary overall annual savings approval annual registration registration annual state expressly do not need approval inspection requirements need to build additional independent boiler room; professional fireman less than 4t / h can be put in the basement; required personnel on duty can be put in the basement, roof, green belt; just keep staff and more questions about 1.2 million kcal gas boiler you online consulting engineers!

We learned that recently, the city of Wuwei in Tianzhu county government announced that it will carry out a comprehensive coal-fired boiler demolition "clear" action aimed at remediation efforts to increase coal-fired boilers, and resolutely fight pollution control tough fight, complete coal-fired boilers out of the grid, clean energy transformation of the task of governance and compliance. The task of governance staff, shimenzhen government, Hua Temple town government organization done by the Bureau of Wuwei City, the ecological environment will Tianzhu Branch, and Hua Temple shimenzhen government and town homes for the elderly failed fork Station coal-fired boilers were concentrated tear down. To continue to improve the air quality of the environment, protect the health of the people made great contributions.

Tianzhu County will further promote the comprehensive improvement of coal-fired boilers, and through the elimination of the demolition, clean energy transformation, environmental compliance management, etc., with the completion of the internal area of ​​coal-fired boiler remediation tasks, achieve discharge standards in all coal-fired boilers. Meanwhile, the industrial park central heating, phasing out central heating, and for 10 tons of steam coal-fired boilers in the gas pipeline network coverage.

Up to now, Tianzhu County by incorporating central heating, clean energy transformation, compliance management, has completed the renovation of 74 coal-fired boilers. The remaining four coal-fired boilers in Tianzhu Force has developed a program of clean energy for heating reconstruction project, planned in June renovation, completed in August.

Fast boiler manufacturers of vacuum hot water boiler, the heating section combustion Q235 high quality sheet and # 20 steel pipe material, the combustion chamber is sufficiently large, a large heating area, a small furnace heat load; boiler small size, compact structure, and small water capacity, heating speed, it has the following advantages: