High Efficiency 2t boiler For Sale Nepal

2, auxiliary configuration, such as configuration of the auxiliary level, load and manufacturers;

3, boiler manufacturers to their own circumstances, such as construction time, brand awareness and so on.

The competition, the segment is slowly 45 contestants only a female welder, most of the other competitors from China Electric Power Construction, veteran welders in the petroleum, petrochemical, and other large number of country prefix units, with a very rich practical operation of work experience. Faced with numerous welding expert, slowly segment did not flinch and fear, but to actively exercise their welding ability, the old master who humbly ask to try a variety of different welding methods, and repeat the training to do practice makes perfect. By her welded high efficiency 2t boiler for sale nepal parts forming the United States, no weld defects neat; in her station, welding clean, neatly stacked tools, work order. It is because of her usual work down to earth, hard work and practice, lay a solid foundation for the success obtained.

You have to know the energy consumption of the high efficiency 2t boiler for sale nepal (main steam temperature) reason for the main steam temperature problems (1) the following main steam temperature increases on 1.1 furnace boiler flame center shift, furnace outlet temperature. 1.2 coal increased too fast. 1.3 coal volatiles reduced, thicker coal, water increases. 1.4 Excess air amount is increased. 1.5 pulverizing system start-stop. 1.6 improper adjustment of automatic control by warm water. 1.7 superheater sootblowing poor choice. 1.8 feed water temperature is low. (2) The following main steam temperature decreases the flame center biasing 2.1: burner tilt deviation, hem; burner is switched from the upper to the lower layer, the lower layer or to an excessive amount of the powder. 2.2 coal volatiles increased, thinning coal moisture reduction. 2.3 superheater heating surface fouling, slagging, fouling the interior. 2.4 boiler drum water separation is poor. 2.5 Save the hot water drain valve. 2.6 automatic adjustment inappropriate, excessive desuperheating water. 2.7 furnace or serious deterioration of water quality of soft drinks were vacated, occur. 2.8 feedwater temperature. 2.9 economizer and water wall inappropriate choice sootblowing time. 2.10 coal reduced too quickly.

Gas hot water high efficiency 2t boiler for sale nepal water quality standards requirements: gas hot water boiler capacity and different parameters, according to different working conditions, perennial water treatment technology and operating experience, provide for different quality requirements and quality standards hot water boiler.