Industrial 10t Top manufacturer hot water boiler Thailand

Various protection functions ensure the boiler’s safe and reliable operation.

Equipped burner with excellent automatic control to realize full automatic performance.

Steam boiler internal structure szs type gas steam boiler internal structure szs type gas steam boiler internal structure of this series of vertical cylinder is three times a slight positive pressure combustion boiler bulk water, D-type arrangement. Equipped with a gas burner and imported automatic leading PLC computer control system, automatic continuous water supply, programmable ignition, combustion control than the regulated pressure and temperature, flame protection, various alarm, chain protection, graphical user interface, a large-screen keyboard operating and other modern automation technology, boiler factory in bulk. Rated steam capacity SZS series steam boiler 20t / h, rated steam pressure of 1.0 ~ 3.82MPa, rated steam temperature of 250 ~ 450 ℃, saturated or superheated steam temperature is 250 ~ 450 ℃. SZS series hot-water boiler power level: 14 ~ 70mw; rated discharge pressure: 1.0 ~ 1.6MPa; water / 150/70 Rated Temperature: 95 ~~ 110 ℃.

Our business-to-steam boiler produces steam attaches great importance to the quality of good or bad, it will indirectly determine the quality of our food is produced dates. The fact that we choose fast boiler is correct. We are very grateful to our fast boiler manufacturing plant in a short time, installation and commissioning of these two steam boilers, advance our production line went into operation. --customer feedback

2. Maintenance and treatment method of Boiler during shutdown of Hot Water Boiler. full water preservation treatment:

This is a common processing method. Especially suitable for parts that cannot be drained, even if the desiccant is added, there are local wetted parts, as well as requirements for emergency operation of the situation, and so on. This method is commonly used in the methods of ammonia-filled water preservative and nitrite preservative. Under various preservation treatments, the concentration of the preservative is very important. In addition, during intermittent injection, due to the natural circulation of waste heat of boiler water and forced circulation of circulating pump at the same time, the concentration is uniformly mixed.