Agent steam boiler Commercial 10t Brunei

Fangkuai Group insists on using sophisticated equipment and technology to ensure operation accuracy, increase rigidity and surface finish, reduce wear, ensure excellent performance, and ensure stable and reliable manufacturing quality. It has a domestic Class A boiler manufacturing license issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. It has been based on quality for many years and has obtained a number of authoritative quality certifications.

But in recent years, the development of China's traditional industrial boilers has encountered a bottleneck, which became the War of industrial boilers. The reason bottlenecks, both traditional backward technology, macro-economic downward pressure and other practical factors, but also demand higher and higher energy conservation and other development factors. These problems not only impede the pace of traditional industrial boilers to move forward, but the industry structure of industrial boilers quietly changing.

The composition of the rice husk and the reactions that can take place in the combustion chamber and on boiler tubes are major contributory factors to the level of sintering, slagging, fouling and corrosion. It is thus very important that ash elemental analysis; a good knowledge Of ash composition, and the impact these have on the boiler at high temperatures and pressures are taken into account in the initial boiler design.

What good pressure hot water boiler performance: heating, hot water can all be achieved through pressure hot water boiler. When the cold room in a warm environment, warm water when washing bath, hot water boilers are brought to our convenient place. That it is, in our daily lives, using very high frequency pressure hot water boiler, which has good performance of it? 1, the appearance of the display produced by fast boiler pressure hot water boiler, the outer packaging materials used neat embossed aluminum. All Chinese large-screen display with rich display capabilities, will show up clearly state run boilers, water temperature and time information. Keyboard controller arranged to complete the operation, and may also check parameter set and modify the parameters, quick, and easy to grasp and operate. 2, the top bit resistant safety pressure hot water boiler has a pass-through port atmosphere, pressure is always in equilibrium with the outside world, to reduce explosion risks, without having to use supervisory inspection. Provided a unique soft water can reduce the amount of scale formation; periodic maintenance dosing oxygen corrosion of the steel sheet can be effectively slowed; taken outside the heat insulation of the unique bicomponent insulation means, with water, alkali, acid, oil and other functions; but also the absence of air, more durable. 3, self-protection pressure hot water boiler at run time, if the leakage phenomenon occurs, the boiler will automatically and immediately cut off the power supply; when the boiler water temperature is too high, overheating protection will automatically stop the burner and issue alarm; boiler water level is set extremely low limit values when the water level below the safety boiler stops working, to prevent dry danger.