Top manufacturer 8t hot water boiler Commercial Maldives

Hot water boilers and steam boilers What is the difference recently, some customers consult our fast boiler, top manufacturer 8t hot water boiler commercial maldivess and steam boilers consulting What is the difference? Our technicians give us the answer to this question. First, the amount of space in different steam pressure vessel is a boiler, heated by the heating is achieved compressing the vapor, and less space occupied by the pressure vessel. Rely on hot water boiler is a hot water temperature to achieve the pressureless container is heated. In general, professional hot water boilers account for a large position, but it is more than the pressure vessel can achieve better security. To better ensure the safety of users. Second, heating a steam boiler at different speeds, in use, heat generated due to the evaporation of water, it is necessary to ensure a large amount of combustion heat to generate steam, the fast rate of temperature increase, cooling speed is fast; when using hot water in the hot water boiler, to ensure that the temperature, heat capacity of water is better, so as to better maintain heating. Third, a range of different heating due to different heat storage capacity of water vapor, large capacity hot water boiler feed pump can use long-distance transmission of thermal energy, thereby achieving the requirements of large-scale delivery of hot water. Steam boiler steam condensation due to rapid speed in the process of long-distance transport can lead to sudden drop in water temperature, heating boiler two ranges are not the same. Environmental protection and use of hot water boilers and steam boilers vary. We believe that consumers can distinguish these small series listed, understand and distinguish between the steam boiler and hot water boiler, in order to better understand the differences between them, select the most appropriate products.

What should be seen to distinguish the quality of gas-fired condensing boilers?

Gas-fired condensing boiler is a new type of energy-saving and environmental protection equipment nowadays. Its working principle is to utilize the exhaust temperature of gas to make full use of its heat, which greatly improves the thermal efficiency of gas. At the same time, in the process of gas exhaust, some harmful substances can be removed to purify the exhaust gas. As more and more gas-fired condensing boilers are available on the market, how can we identify a reliable, high-performance gas-fired condensing boiler from a wide range of products?

With proven performance and reliability under the most demanding conditions, it’s obvious why ZBG have become our most requested oil fired boiler product lines.

Since I began preparations for the 2018 ASME certification program, and at the beginning of the project preparation work since January this year, the project has entered a crucial stage of the implementation. Ms. Jiang Lianju quality system under warranty division led to ASME certification were careful overall planning work to develop a detailed plan of the evidence, and careful organization departments to participate in the work of the various stages of implementation.