manufacturer gas water boiler system

The oil and gas boilers produced by ZBG include wns series fire tube boilers, szs series water tube boilers, blast furnace gas boilers, coke oven gas boilers and power station boilers. These boilers can use a variety of gaseous fuels.

Hot manufacturer water boiler system characteristics and principles of Henan party features fast boiler hot water boiler; 1. Hot water boiler burners imported brands, high degree of automation, automatic purge controller according to the instruction, the electronic auto-ignition, spontaneous combustion, (gas) automatically adjusting the ratio of oil laden air, security and stability performance, good combustion. And a flameout protection device, ensure safe operation. 2. Hot water boiler controller based computer, all functions are magically stored on a smart chip. Hot water boiler with a button to start, run automatically at a fixed time and temperature. Users can set the start and stop times. After the setup is complete, no special duty, saving time and effort. 3, the inner fire tube inserted spoiler retardant, smoke slow speed, to strengthen the heat exchanger, the temperature of the flue gas discharged from a low smoke chamber, reducing heat loss and save fuel. 4. Large font display temperature, easy to grasp and hot water boiler systems running. Water temperature can be set between 10 deg.] C to 90 ℃. Automatic hot water boiler or heating system to provide users with hot water and bath water. 5. Control system controls the circulation pump start and stop in accordance with the temperature of boiler water. When the water reaches the upper limit temperature furnace, hot water circulation pump starts, when a low minimum temperature, hot water circulation pump is stopped. 6. Horizontal Oil Gas hot water boiler is a three return all wet back structure. The use of large and thick smoke tube of the furnace design and improve the heat radiation absorption of the furnace, effectively saving energy consumption is reduced. Using threaded pipe and waveform tank furnace, greatly improves heat transfer, save fuel consumption. 7. Machine equipped with thermal protection (when the furnace temperature is too high, the burner is automatically stopped, and an alarm beep), the second thermal protection (when the temperature exceeds 105 deg.] C the furnace shell, the secondary circuit is automatically cut off), preventing dry protection. d water (when water is lower than the low water level of the furnace, the boiler is stopped and buzzing alarm), after the leakage protection of the boiler (the control system detects electrical leakage and short circuit, automatically cut off power .8 water boiler the structural design is the atmospheric pressure. pressureless state in the boiler, no security risks. hot water boiler advanced multilayer centrifugal glass wool insulation, known as the outer steel sheet white, less heat, rust appearance.

What type steam boiler type steam boiler of what we can from different angles on the boiler category:? 1, according to the working fluid can be divided into natural circulation boiler, forced circulation boilers, DC boiler. 2, according to the boiler flue gas flow tube, a shell boiler (fire tube boiler), combined fire tube boiler. 3, according to the installation package boilers, boiler assembly, bulk boilers. 4, according to the boiler drum placed vertical, horizontal boiler. 5, according to the purpose of life boilers, industrial boilers, utility boilers, boiler travel. 6. The medium steam boilers, hot manufacturer water boiler systems, soft drinks dual boiler, boiler organic heat carrier. 7. The water circulation natural circulation, forced circulation and once-through boiler, combined cycle. 8, the pressing force pressure boilers, low boilers, medium pressure, high pressure boiler, high pressure boiler. 9. The internal combustion boiler combustion, external combustion boilers. 10, according to the fuel fired boilers, oil-fired boiler, gas-fired boiler, pulverized coal boiler, waste heat boiler, electric heating boilers, biomass boilers. There are many types of steam boilers, the key is that you need which, because of the different classifications, so in different places, will be used to different steam boiler, so as to better ensure use. Working principle of a steam boiler heating device (burner) to release heat, radiation heat transfer is first absorbed by the water wall, the Wall Boiling water, a large amount of steam into the drum for water separation (excluding DC furnace), the separated saturated steam entering the superheater, and continues to absorb the top horizontal flue furnace by radiation, convection, heat of the flue gas flue of the tail, and the superheated steam to reach the required operating temperature. Power generation boilers are generally provided with a reheater, it is used to heat the steam through the high pressure cylinders acting reheater go out of the reheat steam, the low pressure cylinder to continue to generate power.

Recently, the Tianjin Beichen District issued a "Tianjin Beichen District in 2019 to win the Battle of Blue Sky battle plan" (hereinafter referred to as "Plan"). "Plan" put forward: to strictly control new coal projects, the implementation of coal consumption reduction project alternative, prohibit self-supporting construction of coal-fired power plants. Complete the transformation of low nitrogen gas-fired boiler more than four before the end of September 2019.

Details are as follows.

1, reducing the total coal consumption in 2019, the region's total coal consumption and coal in primary energy requirements meet the relevant indicators. Strict control of new coal projects, the implementation of coal consumption reduction project alternative, prohibit self-supporting construction of coal-fired power plants.

2, ongoing heating, agricultural, industrial and commercial management of coal-fired boilers, coal-fired boilers to burn consolidate shut down rectification results to ensure that no rebound. Carry out special rectification coal, coal supervision prominence to the implementation of high-quality coal supply and security, supervision and management of coal enterprises to establish a purchase and sale accounting, prohibit the sale of low-quality coal does not meet the requirements of state and city, by increasing the sampling frequency, strengthen information disclosure, strict qualification management, according to the law firm did not check other means, to crack down on low-quality coal to maintain circulation, sale and use of high-pressure situation. Ongoing heating season heating companies burning coal quality inspection. Strictly implement the relevant requirements of the city, set up to ensure that the region is no longer operating coal storage space, strengthen supervision.

3, to promote the safe and orderly clean warm winter residents. The completion of the outer ring 23 000 residents in rural areas "coal to electricity," the task before the end of October 2019, the region's urban and rural residents to achieve bulk coal for heating, "cleared."

4, before the end of September 2019 to complete the transformation of more than four low-nitrogen gas boiler. The full implementation of leak detection and repair (LDAR) system. Ensure the region involving volatile organic compounds emissions from industrial enterprises and supporting environmental protection facilities full coverage, stable and meet the relevant emission standards.