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Guide Reading: Recently, ZG boiler service center received a schedule from one of our project named 150 tons circulating fluidized bed boiler installation site personnel, a detailed record of the daily work schedule installers and boiler installations need to be resolved. As ZG 150ton circulating fluidized bed boiler service center get a five-star service standards from users.

Ordinary nitrogen oxide emissions from gas-fired boiler energy saving 10 ton cheap malaysias up to 150-200 mg / cubic meter high, in recent years, China's environmental protection department has gradually been prohibited burning or low-nitrogen transformation process. Nitrogen gas boiler is low by use of the premix, of FGR flue gas recirculation and other advanced technology for low NOX combustion, greatly reduced emissions of nitrogen oxides. Fast boiler now available low nitrogen condensing gas boiler below 20 mg / cubic meter for our most stringent environmental standards such as Beijing, Xi'an, Zhengzhou and other cities (standard of 30 mg / cubic meter).

Drum is the main part of boiler energy saving 10 ton cheap malaysia evaporation equipment, also called drum.

1. The drum of the hot water boiler is full of hot water, and the drum of the steam boiler is filled with hot water and steam. In a single drum steam boiler, the upper half of the drum is steam and the lower half is hot water. In the double drum steam boiler, the upper part of the drum is flue gas, the lower part is hot water, the position of the interface between steam and water is called water level, and the lower drum is all hot water.

2. The drum has a certain volume of water, connected with the lower pipe and water wall to form a natural water circulation system. The drum also receives water from the economizer and delivers saturated steam to the superheater. The drum is the boundary point of heating, evaporation and superheating. There is a certain amount of water in the drum, so it has a certain capacity of heat storage. When the working condition changes, the speed of the change of steam pressure can be slowed down, which is beneficial to the regulation of operation, so as to improve the safety of boiler operation. Various steam purification devices are installed in the drum to ensure the quality of the steam; meters are installed to monitor the operation of the drum.

3. There are many pipe seats outside the drum to connect all kinds of pipes, such as water supply pipe, drop pipe, steam mixture guide pipe, steam outlet pipe, continuous sewage pipe, accident discharge pipe, dosing pipe and connecting instrument and automatic device pipe, etc.

4. The drum is equipped with various devices to improve the quality of the steam, such as steam separation device, steam cleaning device, continuous sewerage device, subsection evaporation device, dosing device, feed water distribution device and accident discharge pipe, etc.

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