bagasse fired boiler furnace temperature

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SZS D type structure bagasse fired boiler furnace temperature diagram

China water tube d type structure boiler advantages:

1.These d type structure boilers finally solved the scale removing problem completely. With removable head-plates and straight tubes, this new design allowed 100% simple, fast and easy waterside access for cleaning. For the first time ever, a boiler that scaled up no matter how many times or how bad could be restored to its original efficiency in less than a day.

2.With two opposing header boxes, water naturally had to flow through all the tubes to get from the return to the supply. Because fire-tube, bent tube and cast iron boilers were originally designed for steam, they had to be adapted to hydronic heating in D type water tube boilers. This created problems because the flow of water often short circuited and bypassed heating surfaces in boilers that were originally designed with a fixed water line to make steam.

CFBC bagasse fired boiler furnace temperature is a energy saving type industrial boiler,which can be used for co-generation in power plant or industry production.Ultimate saving can be realized when steam from the coal fired boiler will generate electricity and extraction and/or back pressure steam will be used for processing.

In recent years, Hebei Province People's Government to respond positively to Blue Sky Battle action plan promulgated by the state, and all of 35t / h coal-fired bagasse fired boiler furnace temperature and below in the Hebei province out of the transformation process. First Hospital of Baoding respond positively to the call of the provincial government, eliminate serious pollution of the original coal-fired boiler hospital, citing energy saving steam boiler to natural gas as raw material. After a series of market research, WNS Series Split hospital condensing gas boiler boiler other fast soft spot.