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Electric commercial 4 ton boiler price cyprus safe daily use easy to overlook the details of the electric power boiler is now people in life are the most widely used type of a clean energy boilers. Electric heating boilers are also known as electric power for energy tube is heated by electric heating heating, air conditioning, hot water or sanitation, the following routine to introduce you to the safe use of electric boiler is easy to overlook the details. Safe use of electricity daily boiler easily overlooked details: First, the electric boiler heating fast, high thermal efficiency, small size, no noise, modular heating, energy saving, easy to install, integrates all aspects of a new generation of products made of advanced technology . Second, the electrically heated boiler (electric heating rods, quartz tube crossing the membrane, the liquid crossing the PTC film, a semiconductor ceramic, heating type, etc.). Installation for the wall, so called wall-mounted boilers. Third, the use of electric boilers must use the technical indicators in line with the standard three-prong outlet with grounding. Never self no ground switch to two-hole socket, because it is easy to produce static electricity, electric hand sometimes feel more dangerous. Fourth, the electrical sockets not located directly above the boiler to prevent heat burns rising power. If a sudden change occurs and the current is easy to make more frequent appliances, such as welding, used in conjunction with an impact drilling heater is easily damaged electric boiler, attention should be preferably used with an overcurrent protection device is inserted panel or use power supply. Fifth, the electric boiler with industrial grade microcontroller and high reliability components, safe, reliable, long life. Independent control panel and an operation panel, easy to install and maintain. 4 preset mode, the operation is simple. Sixth, electric boilers can improve the real-time monitoring and fault troubleshooting. Ensure the safe use of the boiler. Trouble alarm and the display dot code, facilitates fast fault exclusion. And controlling the heater heating delay heated in stages to reduce the impact on power. Having a power memory function. Automatically provided by the user operation before the power failure after the call. The state of the clock can still run off more than 20 days.

To further reduce emissions of air pollutants and improve air quality of the environment, the Shanghai Municipal People's Government Office issued the "Opinions on accelerating the transformation of the city mentioned standard commercial 4 ton boiler price cypruss of small and medium" (hereinafter "Opinion"), to accelerate the introduction of Shanghai City small boilers mentioned standard transformation respond positively.

Before the end of 2018, the district in conjunction with boilers and industrial distribution block, complete the development and revision of the Gas Pipeline Network Planning in this area. City, district authorities, according to the unit Gas Pipeline Network Planning and excavation plan, speed up the construction of natural gas pipeline network.

Variety of boiler fuel to replace natural gas, natural gas pipeline network (municipal pipe network to users outside the red line pipe) 50% of the cost of laying borne by the gas company; the remaining 50% by the district government and users each pay half, and encourage qualified district to provide more support. On the outskirts of the gas pipeline construction is temporarily unable to reach enterprises in the region, while ensuring security compliance cases, it can be in the form of non-natural gas pipeline, and implement an orderly transition after the completion of the pipe network. Encourage alternative gas supply business enterprises to provide gas price discount for the gas boiler.

10KV for the implementation of alternative electric boiler, 35KV and other business expansion project, to which the power supply capacity of the electrical part of the boiler, according to the city's non-resident business expansion project quota standards, engineering fees charged by half.

Environment departments to strengthen law enforcement and inspection of boiler units, fuel use, operation and maintenance, equipment maintenance, inspection, non-functioning facility once found, according to the law severely punished; at the same time, strengthen supervision and monitoring, if it is found excessive emissions, according to law strict punishment.

Boiler units and boiler mentioned standard transformation service units bear the main responsibility for the boiler safety issues involved. Site construction unit must have the appropriate boiler manufacture or installation (reconstruction) qualification, boiler commissioning personnel must have the appropriate special equipment operator certificate. Prior to the construction site mentioned standard boiler units to implement the transformation, boiler location should be informed in writing of special equipment regulatory authorities.

The district government is the responsibility of the main boiler to mention the transformation of the standard, according to the "ground principles" to promote the transformation of the boiler. Combined with the actual circumstances of the district reform implementation plan, accelerating the construction of facilities to ensure timely completion of the task of transformation, to ensure that policies and financial support in place.

Wall Wall maintenance position on an inner wall of the commercial 4 ton boiler price cyprus furnace, the evaporator heating surface is made up of many parallel tubes thereof. Wall played a role in the operation of the boiler when the heat is absorbed by the boiler flue gas hearth radiation, after absorption to produce steam or hot water in parallel with the pipe, so it can reduce the temperature in the furnace, meaning play to protect the furnace. Case generated in the boiler inside the large-capacity, high-temperature flame in the boiler furnace or heat radiation more, so that the boiler furnace water wall can absorb more than 45% of the generated heat. In the present water-tube boiler, the water wall to make the evaporation more heating surface. When overhaul of the water wall if ignored, we can not find slagging problems, so that the device does not work. When it works, if the temperature exceeds the absorption capacity of its own, it will lead to pipeline explosions, sometimes also makes boiler burst, we can see that we have the relevant maintenance work into total overhaul want with among the issues. 1.3 overhaul the so-called superheater superheater, meaning its existence it is to deal with steam. After the superheated steam into the steam turbine, a superheater if there is a problem such that the heat will drop, and thus cause the device to water vapor with problems affecting the blade so that the device can not be safely run. If the steam temperature is higher compared to the normal, so that the blade will heat up, leading to shortened time of the device used, affect the service life. 2 main factors affecting the safe operation of the boiler

Stated commercial 4 ton boiler price cyprus steam temperature of the metal plate, that is marked in degrees Celsius. For small boilers, mostly use steam from the main steam valve leads directly to the upper portion of the drum, the steam temperature, refers to a saturated steam temperature at the operating pressure of the boiler.