500kw heavy oil hot water boiler

Electric steam boiler before the preparatory work needs to be done to prepare the working electrode is a kind of steam boiler power for energy conversion from electric energy into thermal energy, the hot water or organic heat medium (HTF) is heated to a certain portion of the boiler through the heat exchanger parameters (temperature, pressure) and externally output has a nominal thermal Machinery working fluid. The use according to electric boiler can be divided into: KS-D electric water boilers, CLDR (CWDR) electric water boiler (including an electrical heating bath boilers and electric boilers), LDR (WDR) electric steam boiler. Steam boiler is the production of specified parameters and quality of steam boilers. Quasi-electric boiler steam preparation work needs to be done to prepare one thousand work (1), the operator must understand the working principle of the boiler, location, performance and working methods of the various accessories. (2), check the oil combustion, and each nozzle connection, power supply and the burner, the pump, the boiler installation accessory. (3), a clear main steam valve open, after closing the normal close it. (4), water level gauge inspection, confirmation flexible water level, normal position. (5), the pressure regulator is properly tuned, regulate combustion damper.

Hot water boiler installation instructions for installation and use 500kw hot water boiler installation and commissioning of boiler pressure hot water boiler in order after the first, depending on the size of the boiler, cast in at 200mm above the ground. A boiler installation should be dry and ventilated room, ease of maintenance, there should be four weeks fuel, the boiler chimney installation shall comply with the requirements; the diameter of the chimney should be small, so as not to increase the exhaust resistance and impact performance of the burner. Stack height not less than 3 m, 1 m higher than the cap housing, the top of a rain hat. Henan fast boiler piping system configuration according to the new construction needs may be. Replenishing the tank should have sufficient capacity to control the makeup tank and devices (e.g., float) water level. Diameter of the exhaust pipe can not be arbitrarily reduced in order to avoid vapor pressure furnace. Outfall height of not less than 3 meters, may be introduced into the sewage outlet, sewage outfall any part of the valve shall be provided to ensure that it is connected to the atmosphere. Pipeline system pumps, valves and the like. A reasonable match. The boiler installation, the burner match check, whether the fuel is required to use, the oil (gas) is smooth passage correctly, power is correct, whether the grounding wire connected, if appropriate with the flue conduit and open the drain. Before firing tests, to check whether there is water inside the oven. Adjusting the temperature control of the temperature required. When the temperature reached, the burner will automatically stop. When the temperature is below the set temperature, the burner starts automatically. Check the burner is normal, if not burning, adjustable pump pressure or gas pressure, and flow valves, to be properly secured. Ensure safe operation. Zidongkongzhi means (indoor controller) function and application unit 1 Zidongkongzhi 1:

Before a cooperation with the parties, we heard from other companies where fast boiler brand, saying it was so fast square product quality, use a long time, and after-sales service is also very complete. After the collaboration found that it really is a well-deserved reputation. This three boilers put into use, not only reduces emissions, while meeting the needs of normal heating, fuel input has also been reduced, as we save a lot of operating costs. --customer feedback

Oil-fired boiler and environmental protection do? With the increasing development of China's growing economy and people's living standards, increasing energy consumption, environmental pollution is deteriorating, and people continue to enhance the awareness of environmental protection, and calls for improvement of the environment, prompted the government to increase efforts to mandatory policy energy consumption structure to guide the transition to clean energy and energy-efficient. Affected by the above factors, as fuel efficient and clean energy, more and more enterprises of all ages, in view of the volatility of the fuel oil-fired boiler fast and explosive load of fuel stove should be automatically controlled, oil-fired boiler automatic control tasks is to maintain a boiler water level, temperature, pressure, and other physical parameters of oxygen content in the flue gas within a predetermined range, and can automatically adapt to changes in the load, so that safe operation of the boiler economical. Oil-fired boiler and environmental protection do? Economic development and social progress and people's environmental awareness, coal-fired boilers due to serious pollution, moving away from sight, replaced by a new environmentally friendly digital boiler, such as electric heating boiler, oil boiler, gas boiler, electric heating boiler run the most expensive, gas-fired boilers need to open a gas pipeline, then, if there is no gas pipeline, and hope boiler low operating costs, only select oil-fired boiler, oil-fired boiler is heated by a burner, good fuel atomization, combustion and fuel , see the chimney smoke, so the green fuel boilers, energy efficient.