Fully Automatic Commercial boiler 8t Brunei

Help prepare fully automatic commercial boiler 8t brunei design specifications, evaluate bids and audit designs of fluidized bed boilers.

Help increase generation or improve boiler or sulfur capture efficiency of fluidized bed boilers.

Before a cooperation with the parties, we heard from other companies where fast fully automatic commercial boiler 8t brunei brand, saying it was so fast square product quality, use a long time, and after-sales service is also very complete. After the collaboration found that it really is a well-deserved reputation. This three boilers put into use, not only reduces emissions, while meeting the needs of normal heating, fuel input has also been reduced, as we save a lot of operating costs. --customer feedback

Wherein the gas fully automatic commercial boiler 8t brunei WNS WNS boiler which is horizontal, tee, wet-back fire tube boiler after wet the boiler space of the water jacket means of flue gas behind the soaking furnace turned. Repair and maintenance of the rear of the boiler is very difficult. The main body of the boiler furnace, boiler and chimney housing components. Typically corrugated furnace, a pipe is threaded. Purpose is to increase the heating surface of the boiler, furnace efficiently absorb thermal expansion and contraction. Boiler to prevent cracks. WNS gas boiler features a large furnace, corrugated furnace technology using the advanced design of large-scale furnace technology, in the original traditional design, expanded the hearth diameter, increasing the radiation heat transfer area, the heat transfer to the main boiler radiation heat transfer, not only reduces the heat transfer. Second and third line load, but the fuel combustion, reducing harmful gases. Meanwhile, the ripple tank furnace technology in the high temperature zone of the furnace, not only increases the radiation heat transfer area, and has a blocking effect on the movement of smoke, the heat radiation effect is more obvious. Corrugated furnace can only improve the overall strength of the furnace, and can automatically compensate for thermal expansion stress of the furnace, to avoid defects such as weld cracking due to thermal stress. 2, a high heat strengthened threaded tube designed and optimized heat transfer technology smoke velocity, thermal efficiency of the boiler and the decrease in the output of the extended run time, thereby realizing a compact structure, with 10% overload. 3, the climate compensation techniques demand heating (hot water boiler) technology has changed the conventional isothermal manner, i.e. according to the outdoor temperature changes and user demand for heat, the efficiency of the heat source temperature of the boiler water automatically optimized. And the thermal energy required for heating the heat boiler provided the user is balanced, that is, high outdoor ambient temperature, boiler water temperature down automatically, low outdoor ambient temperature, boiler water temperature is automatically raised.

As to rice mills, they need tons of steam for rice shelling, grinding, sieving, packaging process. ZG manufactured automatic chain grate fully automatic commercial boiler 8t brunei, can generate stable steam in rice reprocessing process. Our client, a rice mill owner wants to purchase a new one. As he said, their rice mill has tons of rice husk per day, which can be used as energy fuel into boiler. It is economic and energy saving. And considered this factory steam requirements per day, he wanted to purchase a set of 4 ton per hour steam boiler for rice mill, burning rice husk as fuel.