Hot Selling 10 ton boiler Energy Saving Turkey

How to choose oil-fired hot selling 10 ton boiler energy saving turkey with strong integration of countries on the environment, coal-fired boilers have been gradually phased out, replaced by a new generation of oil-fired boiler, we said what issues should be considered when selecting it do? Today small FYI for everyone finishing five points. 1 From the conditions of use. If the system is used in a liquid phase, generally should be selected higher than the boiling temperature of the thermal oil, because the higher boiling point, low vapor pressure which the motion, easy to use; if it is used under vapor phase conditions, should be selected in the appropriate at use temperature, then the vapor pressure in the range of 0.098 ~ 0.294MPa the HTF (1 ~ 3kgf / cm), as a low melting biphenyl diphenyl ether mixture plus HTF. 2 from the viewpoint of temperature. Select the appropriate temperature according to the HTF. If the temperature at 350 ~ 400 ℃, biphenyl and diphenyl ether should be used in a low-melting mixed conducting oil; temperature at 300 ~ 350 ℃ should be considered when selecting alkylbenzene type, dibenzyltoluene or hydrogenated terphenyl type HTF; temperature at 250 ~ 300 ℃, can consider selecting Kenai alkoxy, benzyl toluene, and benzene conducting oil; 250 deg.] C or less if used, is selected relatively low price of mineral conducting oil. 3 from the viewpoint of equipment and system conditions. As used in the long-term continuous operation of the system, must use a high thermal stability HTF; when used in a batch-type operation system, the thermal stability requirements can be relaxed some equipment during the outage, it may be considered by warming maintaining respective temperatures; if used in the device system relating to food processing, consider use non-toxic or low toxicity and high safety of products, such as silicone, fluorine and the like; heating, cooling processes use the same thermally oil, due to the selected temperature range broader HTF. 4 from the use of regional conditions and requirements to consider. If used in cold northern areas, should choose low-temperature fluidity and good thermal oil, in order to start the device; Jin Yong in place strict requirements on dangerous goods, should be considered the choice of security is good, non-flammable fluorocarbon products . 5 from the standpoint of economic efficiency. Both Wumart but also cheap and affordable to, to reduce costs. Above is the sort of small series for everyone all the time in the selection of oil-fired boilers should refer to the points I hope for your help.

Boiler drum is what role has it, its material is generally what? 1, the main role of the drum to receive economizer tap water, saturated steam for the steam separator and the water circulation loop, fed to the superheater. There is a certain amount of water in the steam drum, and has a certain amount of heat working fluid savings when operating conditions may slow the rate of change of steam pressure changes, play a cushioning effect when the water supply to the load short uncoordinated. Equipped with an internal steam drum apparatus for water separation, steam cleaning, pot dosing, continuous blowdown, in order to ensure the quality of steam. 2, not all have the hot selling 10 ton boiler energy saving turkey drum, once-through boiler is no drum. 3, there are used steel drum steel 12Mn, 16Mn steel, 19Mn6 steel, steel 15MnV, 14MnMoV steel, 13MnNiMoNb steel. Common steel has 12CrMo steel boiler tubes, 12Cr1MoV steel, 12MoVWBSiRE steel, 12Cr2MoWVB 12Cr3MoVSiTiB steel, and steel.

Recently, the Ministry of Environmental Protection by the volatility of the newly revised "Boiler Air Pollutants Emission Standards" released in July this year, the implementation of this standard is known as by far the most stringent air pollution emission standards for hot selling 10 ton boiler energy saving turkeys, boiler caused by the manufacturing sector.

Compared with the existing standards, new standards not only revised the traditional particulate matter and sulfur dioxide emission limits, for the first time proposed emission control standards for nitrogen oxides and mercury, Forced boiler manufacturers have to upgrade technology, from the source control boiler discharge atmospheric pollutants.

One side is desulphurization and denitrification entered the final stage, while the new emission standards of air pollutants are being introduced amendments to the boiler. Such as pollutant emissions from large wide range of small capacity monomer emission coal-fired boilers and other issues close to the ground long standing will once again be enlarged, comprehensive improvement of coal-fired boilers will undoubtedly become the next focus of urban air pollution control. Analysts believe that the implementation of the new standard direct-driven investment in environmental protection will reach 370 billion yuan to 4500 yuan, while the boiler manufacturing industry is facing exams has also led to the relevant environmental protection equipment market to break out again.

By the end of 2011, our country in the boiler 620,300 units, of which 09,700 units utility boilers, industrial boilers 610 600 units, with a total capacity of about 3,515,900 kilowatts. In 2012, industrial boilers reached 62.4 million units, about 98% of the total number of boilers.

In industrial boilers, coal-fired boiler is more than 80%, the annual consumption of 490 million tons of standard coal, the average efficiency of 65% to 70%, emissions remain high.

In 2012, coal-fired industrial boilers cumulative emissions of dust 4.1 million tons, 5.7 million tons of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides 2.0 million tons respectively, accounting for 32% of total national emissions, 26% and 15%, a major cause of fog and haze one of the reasons.

For this reason, in the 2013 set off a nationwide clean energy alternative coal-fired boiler boiler, more than one place Shandong, Shanxi and other relevant measures have been introduced on clean energy alternative to coal-fired boiler work. "The introduction of the implementation of the most stringent standards, will set off a coal-fired boiler in the second round.

Four existing small and medium sized coal-fired boilers in China. One pollutant emissions from large, wide surface. Second, small-cell capacity, the average capacity of 8 tons / hour, the number of 10 tons / hour of small coal-fired boilers is 42 million units, accounting for two-thirds of the total. Third, emissions close to the ground, a great impact on quality. Fourth, boiler technology, main and auxiliary mismatch, poor health. In addition, most small boiler lack of dust removal, desulfurization and denitrification equipment, led to the current sulfur dioxide and dust emissions from boilers widespread non-compliance.

From the present point of view, domestic clean energy technology matures, the implementation of new emission standards for technology development has brought very good driving force for the future, who can stable up to standard technical requirements of the country, will have a presence in the market value Otherwise it can be eliminated.

What is a quick gas hot selling 10 ton boiler energy saving turkey?

The quick-loading gas boiler is relative to the assembled boiler and the bulk boiler. The quick-loading boiler means that the manufacturer basically completes the above installation work in his own unit, and after passing the inspection and acceptance, it is transported to the installation site and hoisted to the boiler foundation. After inspection and acceptance, the pipeline and other rotating machinery (blower, induced draft fan) and dust removal and environmental protection facilities are installed, and the test operation can be carried out. The general production unit has the boiler body in stock, so the installation period is short. Products such as WNS fast-installed gas boilers have higher efficiency and heat utilization rate, and have a small footprint, long service life, and low operating cost. Generally, they are preferred for quick-loading furnaces when they are small furnaces or urgently needed.