2 ton boiler Agent Energy Saving Maldives

For the food factory, the use of steam during the production process is indispensable. Recently, a food factory customer who made ketchup purchased a steam 2 ton boiler agent energy saving maldives for food production.

Steam 2 ton boiler agent energy saving maldives and hot water boiler is not structurally "pot" and "furnace" of much difference, but there are still some differences, as if the model (parameter certainly not the same), the difference are: built-drum steam boiler different steam boiler with a steam separator, but no hot water; main steam boiler steam output pipe, and hot water boiler is the hot water outlet conduit; steam boiler with a water pipe, and only the return pipe into the tank from the lower header, the makeup water also from the root up into the conduit; no hot water boiler water level gauge, the steam boiler has.

When it comes to design 2 ton boiler agent energy saving maldives bag filter dust removal device deployment, understand the boiler dust removal industry friends should not be unfamiliar, but maybe there are some people do not understand. Next, the design of the boiler tripod designer bag filter equipment deployed to introduce you to. 1, the low pressure side impulse precipitator spray air volume penalties disposal: Disposal penalty refers wind volume of dust that can set the device to deploy a purge gas within the unit time. Means cubic meters (m3 / h) standard cubic meters per hour or per hour (Nm3 / h). Dust is one set of equipment deployment plan most stressful factors. 2, with the temperature: set the device against dust deployments that use temperature depends on two factors, the first filter is subjected to the highest temperatures, the second temperature of the gas must be above the dew point. Now, since a large selection of filter glass, which is the maximum use temperature up to 280 deg.] C, the temperature of the gas must be higher than the receiving cooling step, the temperature of the gas below the dew point temperature must be connected Cincinnati pace. Set precipitator equipment deployment, the use of temperature and dust stakeholders obedience is not significant, this difference in ESP, for ESP, the temperature change will affect specific resistance of dust and other effects of dust obedience. 3, pressure loss: precipitator equipment provided deployment pressure loss refers to the gas inlet to the outlet from the filter pressure drop, or said resistance. 4, actuation pressure: ESP set up equipment deployment and actuation pressure is static pressure fan placement and location of the device before and after the dust and given credentials, but also the dust collector equipment deployment plan set pressure value. 5, filtration rate: the filtration rate is planned to select and filter settings and equipment deployment tensions, its explanation is filtered gas through the filter rate, presumably by air flow filter and filter area.

In October 2016, my company and the China Dunhuang International Hotel signed a ZWNSL2.1-1.0 / W-Y.Q vacuum condensing gas hot water 2 ton boiler agent energy saving maldives to provide heating and hot water for the hotel. The boiler implementing the response to the national policy of environmental protection requirements and local environmental protection departments on a series of low nitrogen emission standard boiler requirements, in terms of design, manufacture, installation and other sectors have strict checks to ensure that the boiler safe and stable operation.