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Access the PolockGroup Group, the overall strength of the other side of the fast group, 2 ton low price boiler energy saving thailand quality and after-sales service system are full of praise, and the company signed a three star product - one condensing steam boiler (WNS5-1.25-Y.Q). Up to 104% thermal efficiency of the boiler, the exhaust gas temperature as low as 70 deg.] C and a stable, continuous output of high-quality steam, is valued PolockGroup group. This cooperation is not only a strategic cooperation between the two companies, but also the party pushed forward on the pattern of fast boiler in overseas development, to further promote the party soon Group to expand overseas market a new road.

V. Installation piping, valves, instruments and accessories

1, the instrument installation should be verified, be installed in the piping, valves, instrumentation drawings, energize the electric pump commissioning.

2, the safety valve should be installed after the hydrostatic test, the safety valve should be installed exhaust pipe, the exhaust pipe should be through the outdoor security. Exhaust pipe should be installed in the bottom of the drainage pipe connected to a place of safety. Valve shall be installed on the exhaust pipe and drainage pipe.

3, each of the sewage outfall should be connected to tank or other security, the pipe should be secured to prevent shifting or counter the occurrence of injuries blowdown.

4, the main pipe by the use of units other than the mating valve, the pipeline need to consider the thermal expansion, thermal insulation pipe wall should be.

5, the dial face pressure gauge should be correct, depending on the ease of reading and rinsing; draw red dial face, the boiler shown MAWP, rotating flexible plug should not be leaking, to smooth hydrophobic Table pipe insulation prohibited.

6, only for the manufacturer pipe valve instrument (within the range shown) or the like, the other parts of the users themselves straight pipe. If you have not ordered instrument valves, the factory produced only manufacturer to install non-national standard parts required.

Factors affecting the life of condensing 2 ton low price boiler energy saving thailands have what? Along with condensing boilers in expanding the scope of application of modern society and its associated problems began to appear in front of users, and each user install condensing boiler and both want to buy a greater extent extend its life. In fact there are many factors that will affect the life of the credibility of condensing boilers, the following small series led many users to understand the factors that affect the life of condensing boilers. A factor, making use of the material is well known condensing boiler works with ordinary heating boiler products are very different, and condensing boilers require frequent contact with water vapor and other acidic substances in the course of operation. Should the material used in the production condensing boilers belong vulnerable to acidic substances corrosive material, it might cause the whole life of the boiler has been cut short. Factors Second, the design and use after several years of development of condensing boilers have been very diverse in type and brand of the above, there are some differences in the way different types of boiler design in the shape and internal structure used above. Will condensing boiler design approach different to some extent, and therefore have an impact on life, not only that the process is running late in the user's use may also affect the life of the boiler. Three factors, the frequency of maintenance regardless of the type of product and the user equipment should be regularly maintained, normal and stable operation of the condensing boiler is also can not do without the equipment maintenance. When condensing boiler user will be required to clean up after running for some time, at the same time it should also be inside the boiler room health care work place. Above is the analysis of the factors affecting the life of condensing boilers do. Comprehensive above what we can find life will have an impact in addition to production materials and design approach these subjective factors other than a fully condensing boilers, the latter objective factors, including the frequency of maintenance use, etc. will also affect the life of the condensing boiler.

In June 2014, an consumer visited our factory in Zhengzhou, China. This consumer works for an large-size paper factory in Thailand. To find an reliable 2 ton low price boiler energy saving thailand manufacturer, he searched a lot on the internet and sent tens of inquiries to know more details in boiler market. In April 2014, he first visit our website, and talked with our service about his requirement in general. Soon, our forgien sales took this case and contacted with this Thailand consumer. Our 70 years boiler manufacturing experience, IBR and ASME International Certifications, Many National Patents, etc helped us got good feelings to our consumer. This is not a small order. So our consumer from Thailand decided to visit our factory on his own.