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What works and characteristics of natural gas boilers are? Gas-fired, the main structure of a shell boiler, furnace, turning smoke chamber, and other components of the smoke tube boiler is suitable for light oil, heavy oil, natural gas, gas and other fuels, the boiler reasonable structure, double-layer anti-burn, facilitate flue gas is fully utilized, and also has a small footprint, easy installation, high steam quality and so on. Works natural gas boilers are: water through the inlet into the boiler, heating boiler after heating meet the water quality standards, into the interior through the radiator circulating pump to heating by radiation and convection heat transfer, water flowing through the radiator, back inside the boiler is heated, and then again into the radiator, so the cycle is carried out. And the system of gas-fired, can also provide hot water to meet their basic needs, the boiler water temperature and the indoor temperature, a temperature sensor after the treatment, the temperature signal is transmitted to the microcontroller, through the corresponding drive circuits to adjust corresponding pipe size valve, and further by controlling the temperature of water, heating to achieve the purpose, the user according to the size of the heating range, select the appropriate circulating pumps, to do so is also more economical and convenient.

Gas-fired boilers are fueled by heavy oil, light oil or flammable liquids. It is a heat carrier. The circulating oil pump is used to force the liquid phase circulation. After the heat is transferred to the heat equipment. Then return to the reheated direct-flow special industrial furnace. Widely used as petrochemical. Textile. Printing and dyeing. Plastic。 Rubber. Food processing. Wood processing. Asphalt is heated. Cartons are produced. Vegetables are dehydrated. Baking paint. Foundry sand mold drying, etc., can also be used for ≤ 350oC baking, steaming, setting, melting, drying. At present, environmental protection has become everyone's talk, many factories do not adapt to the new environmental policy, some small enterprises have closed down. But environmental protection is a trend, we can only make industry more environmentally friendly in order to make the country better development, people better life. Gas-fired boilers are more environmentally friendly, the new gas-fired boilers are environmentally friendly compared to coal-fired boilers in the sky and underground. Gas-fired boiler is helpful to reduce the influence of harmful components and noise in flue gas on the surrounding environment. Year-round gas-fired boiler houses shall be located on the upwind side of the overall small frequency wind direction in residential areas and major environmental protected areas, and seasonal boiler rooms shall be located on the downwind side of the prevailing wind direction in that season. It should meet the requirements of environmental impact assessment report. Rules for the use of gas-fired boilers: strict The grid is operated according to the heating curve of the boiler. When the pressure difference of gas-fired boiler is unstable, it shall not be put into use. When the furnace is shut down, when the oil temperature drops below 80 degrees Celsius, the circulating pump can stop running. Ensure that the boiler circulates well at high temperatures. When the gas-fired boiler is working normally, the high-level tank should be kept in the high level, and the oil storage tank should be in the low-level. The allowable operating temperature of a gas-fired boiler shall not be exceeded. The furnace shall not be watered with water during emergency shutdown of the gas-fired boiler. Different varieties should not be mixed. The discharge port of the tank shall be connected to the safe area. The first heating rate of gas-fired boiler must be carried out according to the heating curve.

Fuel steam boiler and reciprocating pump works fast boiler company Henan editor that works with you about the structure of the fuel steam boiler fuel steam boiler and reciprocating pump: its compact structure, small size, high efficiency, easy to use, environmental pollution small, medium and large cities in our country is increasingly widely been used. Small fuel gas-fired boilers are generally carried out in the factory oil (gas) volume, water, air volume of commissioning, pressure gauge, safety valve adjustment, and burners, pumps and other auxiliary equipment commissioning, in order to normal operation after the entire boiler factory. A check 1. Check pump and before the filter is normal ignition into the oil boiler, gas furnace check the gas pressure is normal, not too high or too low, the valve opens the supply of oil or gas. 2. The valve on the flue must be fully open (wind deflector or throttle), otherwise the hair wash the affected, causing risk of accidents. 3. Check the control cabinet of each knob, should be in the normal position. For example: oil, gas fuel of choice, should be placed on the fuel combustion; manual / automatic water knob should be placed in the automatic position; fire / flame position small knob, on the small fire position; on the associated combustor knob position. If left in the chamber 4. The product oil or debris should be cleaned. 5. Check the boiler ignition sequence control and fire protection means should be flexible and reliable. Blast doors on the boiler should be flexible, tight. 6. Other inspection items with the same steam boiler (details see this Chapter). All the above work can only be completed after the ignition is started. Second, the fuel gas boiler ignition start (a) auto-ignition process boiler according to claim 1. For process control "Steam Boiler Safety Technology Supervision" predetermined fuel gas boiler to be fitted reliable ignition and flame protection program control means, and for ignition program, the total ventilation time before the ignition and the principles set forth requirements. Fuel gas-fired boiler automatic ignition control procedures are procedures for the operation command center, the heart of the program controller is fully automatic operation, the process control system fully into account all the necessary interlocks to prevent operating errors and accidents caused by equipment failure, It represents good security. Core within the process control system is a controller are basically three: (1) a mechanical process controller; (2) electronic program controller; (3) real-time control microcomputer program controller. But whatever the controller uses, roughly five main steps procedure: automatic furnace purging process, the program auto-ignition, flame protection program, program safety interlock protection, the combustion load adjustment procedure. There leak gas boiler control program. Belonging to the reciprocating pump displacement pump, it is to rely on reciprocation of the piston or plunger of the pump cylinder, the pump cylinder working volume cyclically expanded and reduced to suction fluid. Reciprocating pumps generally consists of two basic components, to achieve an end pressure energy is converted into mechanical energy, and part of the liquid fed directly, or said hydraulic cylinder end portions; and the other end is a power transmission part, said power end. Henan is committed to fast boiler steam boiler manufacturing, product quality, reasonable prices and widespread industry praise, if you have any needs, please contact us!

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