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What should pay attention to the boiler supplier high efficiency turkey hot start? (L) Unit hot start, if the boiler is cold, the boiler should start operating program parameters cold start sliding manner. (2) a hot start, the steam turbine main steam parameters required turn red at a temperature greater than the high pressure cylinder inner wall temperature of 50 ℃, and there are 50 deg.] C superheat, but considering the safety apparatus to the boiler, a main steam temperature should be below the rated steam temperature value 50 ~ 60 ℃. (3) unit starts, if the boiler pressure should only after the ignition is turned on in a secondary, or bypass and valve to the air exhaust. (4) reheat steam inlet steam temperature should not exceed 400 ℃ :, if a bypass desuperheating water can not put into use, the main steam temperature not higher than 450 ℃. (5) due to the high hot start parameters, should be increased steam flow through, to avoid overheating the wall, adjust combustion.

Henan detect gas boiler supplier high efficiency turkey gas boiler basic content of Henan detection requires a planned program, do the safety testing according to different time periods. Regularly check the contents of a boiler includes external inspection, internal inspection and hydrostatic commissioning of three elements. Only three directions from start to discover a problem, the problem has been eliminated, to ensure the safe and stable operation. When gas boiler Henan external inspection, no downtime detection can be performed in a state where the normal operation of the boiler testing, inspection and make a reasonable assessment of the security status of the boiler, external examination may have a certain time interval, usually a in inspections, timely detection of problems. Henan gas when internal inspection of the boiler, in order to ensure safety, it is necessary for the boiler in a shutdown state, through the interior of the device and means for detecting the boiler, a reasonable assessment of the safety, the detection of such frequency may be every other year. Detecting water pressure debugging mainly detected Henan medium gas boiler, the boiler pressure according to well estimated using a predetermined standard, by a certain pressure member under a state of performance evaluation of the formation pressure boiler, for non-compliance good parts replacement, to ensure tight joints associated, generally once such detection may be six. Only three checks in place to ensure comprehensive, and operated within the effective period, in order to ensure safe Henan gas boiler.

How to distinguish pressure hot water boiler supplier high efficiency turkeys and pressure hot water boiler: During hot water boiler used, it was often not clear distinction between pressure hot water boilers and pressure hot water boiler, understand their characteristics, below, small taping we take a closer look. First look at the difference between the two structural constraints, as pressure hot water boiler requires only a reasonable layout of the heating surface, reasonable water cycle, others do not think too much. The pressure hot water boiler under pressure due to their relatively clear, there will be restrictions in all aspects of selecting the location, such as boiler water capacity, it is also one of the two different points. Second, you can look at the issue level control. Pressure hot water boiler level control in question during operation, a drum full of water in the state of opening the box top is still connected, and the pressure is not the same as the hot water boiler. Look inside the boiler pressure changing conditions.

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