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Two main factors causing gas boiler corrosion

Now gas boiler, if the strict implementation of the operation, regular inspection and maintenance process maintenance problems, occurred in operation in accordance with operational requirements will be greatly reduced, service life can reach 15--20 years, the higher the price. Corrosion is one of the important factors that affect the life of the boiler, or if there is no time to carry out maintenance work due to errors by the operator, boiler corrosion occurred, would make the thickness of the boiler furnace thinning, reduce the thermal efficiency, shortened life expectancy.

The presence of scale, corrosion and other problems of industrial boiler water quality testing pH of treatment water quality detection problem of industrial boiler water testing approach the problem of treatment of industrial boiler water quality detection problem of industrial boiler 1, controls the boiler water. Therefore, in the process, we should focus on different issues, to take a different approach for processing, in order to achieve tangible results. When handling scale problems, a processing method used comprises the following: First, before referring to water to enhance the detection of the water, and analyzing the characteristics thereof, to achieve further based on knowledge of the water, effective control. Second, combined with the detection parameters, the development of industrial boiler optimization program running to do to solve the problem of scale from the source. In dealing with boiler corrosion problems, with particular emphasis on strengthening the dosing process. For example, in an empty pot, when dosing, which calculates a reference shall be subject to a total volume of boiler water. In the boiler, the pharmaceutical formulations should be combined with the results of water quality tests conducted increase or decrease. In short, strengthen the control of the pH of the boiler water is very necessary. In general, it should be controlled 10.0-12.0.2, material hardness control industrial boiler raw water during use, also by strengthening treatment raw water hardness was controlled to control them. Raw material for the effective control of water hardness, can take the following approach: first, to monitor water quality in the boiler water, boiler and of the inspection results, select the appropriate treatment processes. Second, using sodium ion exchange treatment process or the like, and subjected to regular monitoring in order to control the hardness of the material of the raw water. Third, the raw water softening treatment, in order to achieve the desired effect. Fourth, the quality of the boiler water and steam in combination, to reduce the alkalinity of the raw water. In short, it is very necessary for prevention from a variety of ways.

Although the safety pressure hot water boiler is very high, but this does not mean that fireman can dereliction of duty. Aquaculture farm is located in a town of Rudong County Ju Wang Tan relatively old 2 ton steam boiler industrial for sale myanmar explosion, the accident was caused by improper operation of boiler operator.

Recently, we learned that the city of Zhangjiakou Yuxian environment departments to carry out a special investigation of coal-fired boilers, coal-fired boilers have complete control of the number of the county, painstaking, and practical coal-fired boiler renovation work to ensure safe and stable environment of the area.

The action focuses on the central heating pipe network has access to the dismantling of coal-fired boiler units, still use coal-fired boiler heating key units of 18 coal quality, coal to electricity station uniform implementation of the 1001 residents of coal-fired heating boilers civilian electric boiler furnace demolition and safe usage, the main city of 39 sets of bath boiler operation of treatment facilities, boiler demolished nine agriculture-related enterprises from coal to gas and gas safety carried out a detailed examination. Unit 4 of the use of substandard coal, the filing be investigated according to law, for gas safety problems 9 agribusiness, notify the county Emergency Management Agency and the territorial towns to regulate the management of its duties, to further prevent security incidents from the source .