household natural gas hot water vacuum boiler price


Recently, Guangdong Province issued a "Boiler Air Pollutants Emission Standards" (DB44 / 765-2019) (hereinafter referred to as the "standard").

A "standard" in the context of the implementation province domain for coal, oil, 65 tons of steam per hour and the material forming steam boiler burning fuel gas and raw, hot water boilers of various capacities and organic heat carrier boiler; stoker of various capacities, stoker furnace.

Second, the implementation of the emission limits of air pollutants specified in Table 1 of the boiler since July 1, 2019, since 2020 July 1 implementation of air pollutant emission limits specified in Table 2.

Third, the new boiler since April 1, 2019 (the date of the present embodiment standard) executed from air pollutants emission limits specified in Table 2.

Fourth, not the implementation of clean energy transformation of 35 tons of steam per hour and higher coal-fired boiler from January 1, 2021, implementation of the provisions of air pollutants emission limits in Table 3 in particular.

Analysis of the details of vacuum Hot Water Boiler

Vacuum hot water boiler is a kind of safe and reliable boiler. Since its development in 1975, vacuum hot water boiler has gradually become popular all over the world. Because of its safe and reliable operation, long life, strong adaptability, high efficiency and energy saving, the annual market share has been gradually increased.

Compare prices of gas household hot water vacuum boiler price and boiler vacuum pressure boiler 1, the boiler and the boiler safety vacuum pressure of gas boiler price comparison: atmospheric pressure hot water boiler, run, safer, food safety installation required approval; vacuum boiler negative pressure operation, absolute security without food safety regulator for approval to install and does not require annual inspection. 2, the vacuum boiler pressure boiler feature comparison: Direct direct pressure hot water boiler, only way to supply hot water, not pressurized; indirect pressure hot water boiler only single supply hot water, hot water pressure; vacuum hot water boiler can be a machine that can simultaneously supply multiple hot water, hot water system pressure 1.0Mpa, high up to 2.0MPa. 3, vacuum pressure boilers with heat boiler comparison mode: pressure hot water boiler with water as heat medium, through the water - water heat exchanger externally heated water; vacuum boiler using high-purity deoxygenated water as heat medium, by steam - water condensation heat transfer external heating hot water. Due to the different thermal medium, it is faster than the boot vacuum hot water boiler pressure hot water boiler. 4, compared to the vacuum boiler with atmospheric life of the boiler: pressure hot water boiler service life of not more than ten years; vacuum hot water boiler due to internal never scaling, the service life of 20 years. 5, the price of gas boiler vacuum boiler pressure boiler installation requirements comparison: multi-pressure boiler equipment, complicated installation, long duration, large investment; vacuum boiler installation is simple and convenient. Pressure hot water boiler so that the boiler room and requires specialized dedicated kotelshchik, the vacuum boiler does not require a dedicated boiler room and kotelshchik, can be installed in the basement, the roof or intermediate floors. 6, the initial vacuum pressure boilers and boiler investment comparison: multi-pressure hot water boiler equipment, initial investment is large; the vacuum boiler because less equipment, installation flexibility, a small room, investment savings of over 30%.

Characteristics of different types of vacuum vacuum phase transition phase transition household hot water vacuum boiler price fuel boiler according to the classification method is the most important, this approach allows people to buy the right. With the increase in the degree of industrialization and deepen people's needs, vacuum phase transition boilers in the market accounted for an increasing share of different types of boilers vacuum phase transition characteristics determine the most suitable location for it. Based on this situation, we should understand its classification and a variety of other features to facilitate proper purchase. Here we will tell you different types of vacuum phase transition characteristics of the boiler. Vacuum phase transition boilers and boiler can be called a vacuum, it works and focus on the vacuum phase transition. The fuel can be divided into four categories, but may be three and wherein a category is thus divided into the following two categories, and describes the characteristics of the major categories. When (a) an electrically heated vacuum heating boilers vacuum phase transition phase transition into the operating electric boiler, inside a vacuum environment. At this time, the intermediate medium oxygen in water will be discharged to the outside electric boilers vacuum phase transition, and therefore does not cause oxidation corrosion in the boiler, cause damage to the device. Meanwhile, vacuum hot water boiler heating heat exchanger portion of the material used is stainless steel, corrosion will not occur. Further, the electric vacuum hot water boiler only once was added a small amount of the heat medium water, increase nor decrease is running, the internal no scaling. (B) Such a phase change in vacuo fuel (gas / coal) boilers vacuum phase transition is the import burner, its high combustion efficiency, low noise and exhaust emissions. Internal exchanger made of stainless steel, in this regard to ensure high heat transfer efficiency, on the other hand can ensure a clean water quality. At the same time, its smoke tube interior spiral spoiler, in order to improve heat transfer efficiency, and lower operating costs. Further, it is the overall use of square configuration, the boiler and the heat exchanger is a one-piece design, so that a small volume of its structure compact shape the United States. On the face of vacuum phase transition boiler rough classification, and describes the different categories with the characteristics, so that we can be aware of their knowledge. This knowledge is part of the basics when buying a vacuum phase transition boiler, we need to keep in mind, so that in the selection of purchase, to make the most appropriate choice, to choose the most desirable machine.