steam boiler 6t Energy Saving Agent Price Cambodia

Dyeing is the process of imparting colors to a textile material through a dye (color). In textile factory, steam boiler 6t energy saving agent price cambodia is necessary for steam generation. Color is applied to fabric by different methods of dyeing for different types of fiber and at different stages of the textile production process. Steam boiler generate tons of steam per hour in dyeing process. These methods include Direct dyeing; Stock dyeing; Top dyeing; Yarn dyeing; Piece dyeing; Solution pigmenting or dope dyeing; Garment dyeing etc. Of these Direct dyeing and Yarn Dyeing methods are the most popular ones. Now matter what kind of methods dyeing using in textile factory, steam is necessary. Here, to textile factories, the writer recommended our WNS series diesel oil fired steam boiler for your service.

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Fast boiler for you to summarize several optional standard gas boiler modules that you can use a more comprehensive understanding of the types of boilers, combined with their own needs and reasonable judgment.

Fast boiler in gas boiler industry has been at the leading level for low nitrogen environmental aspects of deep research. Dingzhou Yili Dairy determined after reaching cooperation with our company, launched a work plan for the boiler low-nitrogen transformation. Yili Dairy Dingzhou three original boiler 15t / h gas steam boiler 6t energy saving agent price cambodia, NOx emissions have reached 150mg / Nm3, belonging to the boiler equipment far exceeded. After the party fast professional and technical engineers, boiler and boiler model parameters to fully understand the components, rapidly developed a specific rehabilitation programs, start from the combustion system to achieve NOx emissions of 30mg / Nm3 to meet the most stringent environmental standards of the atmosphere.