Distributor 4t boiler High Efficiency Thailand

Now in the distributor 4t boiler high efficiency thailand market, using a condensing gas boiler is more and more common, mainly due to high efficiency boilers and energy-saving features.

It is understood that around prevention and control of air pollution, ecological Environmental Protection Office of Shaanxi Province has formulated the "Boiler Air Pollutants Emission Standards" ( "Standards"), amended the "off key industries in the region of atmospheric pollutant emission limits." In the future, biomass, alcohol fuel distributor 4t boiler high efficiency thailand emissions also be included in "Standards".

"Standard" is to integrate and improve the local air emissions standards boilers. "Standard" for the scope of the province, covering coal, gas, oil, various types of fuel such as biomass; using alcohol fuel (e.g., methanol, ethanol, dimethyl ether, etc.), gas-fired boiler with reference to the implementation of emission limits.

After calculation, coal-fired thermal power boilers in Shaanxi Province implementation of the new standards, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions respectively about 0.67 tons 15,200 tons, 1.26 tons, down 27%, 40%, 21%; Burning after transformation of coal boiler, particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions can be about 01,400 tons, 1.42 tons 14,100 tons.

With the haze pollution reduction work to promote strong, Shaanxi Province coal-fired generating units and 20 steam tons / hour or more coal-fired boiler to carry out the transformation of ultra-low emissions, will gradually iron and steel, cement and other industries to carry over non-electric low-emission transformation, the original standard has been overtaken by change of environmental situation. Additionally, the Guanzhong area of ​​glass, ceramics, bricks, gold and other industry, there are a certain number of kiln, its environmental requirements leniency.

The revision of the "off key industries in the region air pollutant emission standards", the abolition of the thermal power industry, coal-fired boiler emission limit requirements, these two sectors rose to individual standards province-wide.

It also increases the coke nitrogen oxide emission limits Chemical Industries, gold industry, glass and glass products, ceramic industry emission limits, increasing the concentration of tile industries and atmospheric pollutants conversion approach.

The new standards are expected coke chemical industry NOx emissions will decrease 70%, the sintering process the steel industry, the particulate matter, SO2, NOx emissions decreased by 50%, 72% and 67%, respectively.

Gas hot water distributor 4t boiler high efficiency thailand can not timely ignition, the root causes of those general gas hot water boiler using diesel fuel as the source, the way we use gas hot water boiler ignition needs to run, can not run the ignition is the most common troubleshooting. Gas hot water boiler on the way to use the most prone to ignition can not run, causing the gas hot water boiler is not working normally, the authors recommend for your gas hot water boiler ignition is not the root of those general. Ignition gas hot water boiler is not in general those roots: a gas valve problems: pulsed gas valve and a control system of which one side if there is a fault, gas hot water boiler can not start. Second, the battery is inappropriate: If you want to start with you first talk about the battery to see the battery is not a too old. Current is not enough, the same can not allow gas hot water boiler ignition operation. Third, the water pressure is inappropriate: Water filtration system at the gas hot water boiler Yong plug lead normal circulating water can not clean up clean perfect. Fourth, the diaphragm-type solenoid valve problems: division gas hot water boiler to see if the ignition operation of the ignition only run sound, diaphragm solenoid valve will not "despair" ci ci sound, it is possible for the diaphragm-type solenoid valve damage and degeneration, degradation diaphragm-type solenoid valve, will not restricted, when the ignition origins closing it, play fire, but has closed off the site; confirmed before diaphragm-type solenoid valves to confirm whether there is a problem of gas limiting valve module is normal, if defective, it can not limit the diaphragm-type solenoid valve pull. Fifth, the firing pin or needle sensors improper operation: gas hot water boiler ignition run needle position error. You can change or run the ignition needle accurately arrange; if induced degradation inappropriate, as long as the good sense to wipe clean the layout of the. Six, not usual exhaust smoke tube. Gas hot water boiler smoke possession Yong plug, clean up cigarette smoking pipe Yong plug of the tube is too long, is not accurate installation. Reference may look multilayer balanced smoke tube water heater installation instructions. Seven, arranged in cooperation illnesses vapor: gas hot water boiler, the steam drum cooperating degraded or damaged valve, not into the whole microswitch and switching means; microswitch and switching means bad.

How to select steam distributor 4t boiler high efficiency thailand steam boiler heat exchanger is generally divided into two categories, one is a direct contact heat exchanger, and the other is an indirect heat exchanger. They are used to recover flue gas heat, to achieve energy saving effect of the separation device. Conventional steam boiler through a simple transformation, such as the installation of waste heat recovery unit, can improve the energy efficiency of the boiler, which is the energy-saving advantages of steam boilers. To promote energy saving is largely the cause of the country, to create more profits for the company, cost savings. Choose a good heat exchanger is one way to achieve energy efficiency goals. Direct contact heat exchanger is a steam boiler with heat recovery and a high ability to remove pollutants in flue gas, but acidic water quality, not easy to use in hot water heating boiler. Is the so-called indirect heat exchanger means we usually refer to recover heat from the flue gas condensation. Today, more and more people choose to use the steam boiler, the proportion of the market is also increasing. Such steam boiler flue gas discharged contains a large amount of steam, by condensation and release large amounts of latent heat of vaporization. Coal-fired boiler efficiency is much higher than coal-fired boilers. This boiler has a good effect on the selection of the indirect heat exchanger.