2t Industrial Agent Price hot water boiler Laos

ZG Boiler, as a top boiler manufactuer in China, also export our industrial boilers and autoclaves to other countries. This time, our 10 ton natural gas fired steam boiler exported to Zimbabwe during Prisident Xi’s visiting. Here, let me tell you why our 10 ton steam boilers are hot sales in world market.

The "national industrial energy-saving technologies and equipment Recommended List (2018)" key recommendation "premix wing-type vacuum condensing 2t industrial agent price hot water boiler laos" There is a beautiful name - Thalia T6, through the rational use of the U-shaped smoke tubular, cross-wing type tube design structure, and heat transfer at the same time meet the thermal requirements, reduced to 33% of the entire area of ​​the boiler can be placed in a small area in the boiler room. At the same time the use of advanced industry premix combustion technology, will reduce nitrogen oxide emissions to 18 mg / cubic meter, well below the most stringent air pollutant emissions of Beijing, Tianjin, Zhengzhou and other cities 30 mg / cubic meter standard.

Once in the Northeast somewhere boiler shell explosion, 0.35 tons of small boilers, flying more than one hundred meters after falling into the wilderness, the boiler room was Zhata, factory direct scrapped, the number of casualties is even more.

When the gas steam boiler capacity is not the same, this case is more obvious, the improved system in each boiler has its own main steam pressure regulator, the regulator proportional regulator. Proportional band may be set according to the load capacity of each boiler, without affecting each other. Fuel conditioning subsystem original system primary circuit is no differential system, fuel system, improved conditioning subsystem of the primary circuit is a differential system, when the pressure is not within the competence of the nominal range, by varying the pressure of the boilers given value (corresponding to turbine adjustment position for changing the system synchronizer) to maintain the pressure in charge.