10 ton boiler Factory Price Energy Saving Georgia

In Western Europe and North America, hot water 10 ton boiler factory price energy saving georgia water treatment project is a necessary part; whether it is design institutes, equipment suppliers or users, are paying enough attention to hot water boiler water treatment works, water treatment equipment investment in the proportion of the total project about 5% -8% of the amount, it is possible to save energy 20% -30%; using 50% reduction in the cost of equipment. Scale energy consumption is well known, the case of France, the annual amount of more than 7000 tons into the dirt, spent more than a billion euros, the degree of energy can be imagined.

Gas 10 ton boiler factory price energy saving georgia leaking classified and solutions

Under normal circumstances, it can be divided into the inner wall of leaking gas boiler leaking hand hole leaks, leaking water treatment system, water leakage inside the drum, and other types of flue leakage, water leakage different, have different solutions.

Low nitrogen gas 10 ton boiler factory price energy saving georgia, as the name implies, refers to the use of natural gas as a fuel, and a series of measures, such that the major air pollutants - nitrogen oxide (referred to as NOx) emissions decreased down to within the range of emission standards.

Wuhan Port District Social Welfare Institute (apartments for the elderly) is invested by the government pension services, with a total construction area of ​​38,000 square meters, 532 beds, mainly adopt destitute persons, social support on behalf of the elderly. Hope to provide welfare to the elderly year-round 24-hour hot water, the original 10 ton boiler factory price energy saving georgia equipment can not meet this demand, therefore, require additional purchase orphanage hot water boiler. After much investigation, in cooperation with the welfare determined fast boiler, provides three integrally condensing gas hot water boiler (WNS1.4-1.0 / 95/70-Y.Q) by a fast boiler.