4 ton High Efficiency Agent hot water boiler

In general, when there are electric steam boiler explosion that, at the door began to steam out, it shows electric steam boiler water shortage is very serious and should be carried out immediately pay, or they may be dangerous. Mainly as electric steam boiler water level has been cut siren sounded the alarm sound level below the safety line. At this performance should let dry electric steam boilers stop running, and then the alarm sound off, then add the water in the electric steam boiler above the water line, electric steam boiler restart just fine.

Jitter causes and the role of the old and new boiler conducting oil furnace exhaust valves appear: on specific types of boilers, in the following explanation will be involved in, for oil furnace this one. Because of its widespread use and it is a common and common species, so it is necessary to become familiar with and understand, so in order to achieve the correct use of the boiler, and access to good economic returns, so, so that we can benefit from it. 1. Small oil furnace, in which the temperature difference, the degree of control on how much is appropriate? Oil furnace, if it is small, then, based on past experience, is controlled at around 20 ℃ appropriate because, at this temperature, the boiler circulating pump power is not large, and also possible to meet the large hot portion requirements. And if it is a large boiler, then the temperature difference is not appropriate. 2. conducting oil furnace jitter, then, for the old and new boilers, as if on a specific reason? If oil furnace jitter phenomenon problem, then, in terms of the old and the new boiler, on the specific reasons, is not the same, because: If you are a new boiler, it may be conducting oil of boiling oil work not done, oil light components can not be discharged; if the old boiler, then, one boiler feed water, and equipment leaks, the second is the emergence of thermal oil cracking, so reducing the flow rate, and pressure - the over-temperature.

First, we must examine the installation environment of the boiler, boiler room layout should obtain prior consent of the local quality and technical supervision departments before construction, should be installed in the boiler room ventilation, cooling, flue gas emissions and easy place to facilitate the operation, not easy to close burning explosive materials, electrical installation should be invited by the relevant professional and technical staff to install the national scale, N and L lines must not be wrong. When using a gas as fuel should proof electrical installation means away from the switchboard should 6M boiler above.

Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province Tangyuan county government to further implement the "Heilongjiang Provincial People's Government of Heilongjiang Province on the issuance of three-year action plan to win the notice of blue sky Wars," the actual situation, carry out a comprehensive rectification for small coal-fired boilers, as follows .

First, the objectives

By the end of 2019 out of the region to build 26 units per hour and 10 tons of steam coal-fired boilers and furnaces tea, operating a stove, food equipment and other coal-fired kiln drying facilities. Out of which 14 coal-fired heating boilers Small units, service three coal-fired boilers, industrial production of small coal-fired boilers nine. By the end of 2020, the region will build small coal-fired boilers cleared number, and completed more than 10 tons of steam per hour of coal-fired small boilers governance standards.

Second, the specific content of execution

1, source control. County-level cities built in the region 35 tons of steam per hour ban on new coal-fired boilers, the rest of 10 tons of steam per hour ban on new coal-fired boilers and below.

2, find out the base. Focus on carefully checking the area of ​​coal-fired boilers case, before the end of May, the completion of the area and the development of coal-fired boilers ledger built-up area, and clearly out of all kinds of coal-fired boilers responsible departments and completion time.

3, held a mobilization meeting. 10 tons of steam per hour, organization and small coal-fired boiler unit, responsible departments held a meeting to clear out of time limits, and invite gas companies, boiler manufacturers, heating companies and small boiler unit for docking, to help provide alternative solutions Program.

4, announced the phase-out plan. Through government websites, issued to small coal-fired boiler unit a variety of ways such as notification, publish small coal-fired boilers out of the list, time frame for completion and telephone hotlines.

5, to carry out law enforcement inspection. Organization of joint law enforcement inspection, supervision of small coal-fired boiler unit to carry out the planned phase-out time frame. Carried out errant time, press the "Heilongjiang Province Air Pollution Prevention Act," the imposition of penalties.