industry natural gas hot water vacuum boiler for sale

Comparison of heat efficiency comparison of two industry hot water vacuum boiler for sale vacuum boiler pressure boiler: 1, the vacuum boiler water volume is small, a water do not participate in the systemic circulation, the burner startup operation more often than atmospheric boilers, burner thermal efficiency is low, the degree of vacuum under the premise of stable, high-energy vacuum boiler thermal efficiency of 91%, the degree of vacuum devices to change operating subsidiary boilers instability will reduce the thermal efficiency. Operating costs can not be stabilized, as the vacuum pumping equipment and reducing the useful life of the control element, to increase the thermal efficiency of the failure rate will be lower. 2, boiler pressure hot water boiler volume greater than the vacuum, nor participate in a water circulation system, less the number of starts burner, burner high thermal efficiency, thermal efficiency of hot water boilers is 91%, and stable efficiency boiler and hot-water operation, no then the impact of multi-device failure rate, the structure is simple and durable. Comparison of the heat exchanger structure is built of a vacuum through a steam boiler heat exchanger, a short warm-up time. U-carrying stainless steel boiler tube heat exchanger, a cleaning may be opened flange, the other end can not be opened can not be completely cleaned thoroughly heat exchanger. 2, the boiler through the water pressure - heat exchange, the preheating time longer than the vacuum boiler water. Built using copper-line boiler tube heat exchanger, there are two flanges, more thorough cleaning. Compare the life of a boiler, the boiler due to the vacuum suction vacuum boiler work, less time to add water to reduce boiler fouling, corrosion and other problems oxygen, due to the boiler closed, water can not once a year dosing maintenance, boiler pressure has also taken advanced international scale, anti-corrosion measures oxygen, the actual life of the boiler and pressure boiler considerable, even if the long life of the body a little, boiler control elements, the service life of the burner can not be too high pressure boilers. 2, boiler pressure hot water boiler with a water softener equipment boiler fouling problems can be overcome, itself an indirect hot water boiler feed water is also very small, sacrificial anodes to reduce the oxygen corrosion protection internationally, annual boiler maintenance dosing may slow down steel oxygen corrosion, boiler plate and the outer heat insulation take a unique two-component embodiment, with water, acid and alkali resistance, oil and other functions, since the insulation adhesive material applied on the boiler body, with the boiler plate to prevent oxygen corrosion in air, vacuum boiler glass wool insulation, can not prevent oxygen corrosion of the steel sheet with air, so the life of the boiler water is not lower than the vacuum boiler 2 times higher, and the life of no basis.

Compared to traditional hot water industry hot water vacuum boiler for sale, hot water boiler vacuum is more secure, stable, energy and money. Internal boiler using a heat exchanger element also generally more resistant to corrosion, without any pollution on the water quality, longer service life than conventional boilers.

(2) fuel (gas ) vacuum phase change industry hot water vacuum boiler for sales, such as vacuum phase change boilers, adopt imported burners, which have high combustion efficiency, low noise and exhaust gas emissions. Internal use of stainless steel exchanger, on the one hand to ensure high heat transfer efficiency, on the other hand, to ensure clean water quality. At the same time, the smoke tube is equipped with spiral spoiler to improve the heat transfer efficiency and reduce the operation cost. In addition, it adopts a square structure, boiler and heat exchanger designed as one, making its structure compact and small shape beauty. Through the above classification of vacuum phase change boilers, and the description of the different types of The characteristics, so that everyone to its relevant knowledge to achieve a number of.

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