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Why do I say? We, our country with industrial boiler industrial 6t dealer singapores, coal-fired boilers accounting for over 80 per cent per year of coal-fired boiler coal consumption accounts for about a quarter of the country's total coal consumption. Coal-fired boiler is the most important part of the industrial boilers. However, the widespread use of coal-fired boilers has brought environmental problems. With the increasingly acute problem of environmental pollution, as well as the urgent need for energy conservation, the Chinese government began to introduce a series of policy control heavy pollution and low efficiency of coal-fired boilers. In the dual role of environmental protection requirements and policy guidance, the proportion of China's coal-fired boilers to decline, while gas-fired boiler, oil-fired boiler, as well as the proportion of new energy boiler has begun to rise. The larger environment, industrial boiler industry structure began to slowly changing.

Called gas heating boiler industrial 6t dealer singapore water level at the Water Act Henan Henan gas heating boiler water level unknown unknown application called Water Act: 1, lack of water called Water Act: First rinse water level, water level not seen after flushing is complete, turn off the steam Hancock carefully observe whether the water level rises . Hancock first open sewage, the water level get flushed, and then close the steam cock, so that the water connecting pipe to get water, and then close the drain cock to see if Henan gas heating boiler water level rises. 2, full of water called Water Act: First rinse water level gauge, after washing, turn off the water, open sewage Hancock Hancock, if the water level drops, are not serious filled with water, if the water level only water and invisible, is a serious serious filled with water. First open the drain cock, the water level get flushed, and then close the water cock, the steam connecting pipe to get flush, and finally close the drain cock, if they can clearly see the water level gradually rises, is not serious filled with water, if the water level rose rapidly, is a serious full of water.

Exhaust gas has been plagued by sewage paper industry, paper industry pollution problems of the country very seriously. Fujian Heng paper packaging company has been committed to the use of clean-type boiler industrial 6t dealer singapore paper processing. October 22, 2016, David Carse, the paper with my company, signed a 6 tons of steam an integral condensing steam boiler for the production of corrugated cardboard and other paper products. I provided the boiler greatly solve the problem of sewage wastewater Heng paper. After the boiler operation, both to meet local environmental requirements, but also reduce operating costs for the constant boiler paper products.

Adjusting the temperature of the hot water boiler industrial 6t dealer singapore: boiler unit according to local circumstances, the development of the boiler water temperature and outdoor air temperature curve, the amount of combustion operation timely adjusted according to the corresponding relationship between the predetermined water temperature and outdoor air temperature, water temperature requirements of the network management system and the predetermined temperature by no greater than 120 ℃. To change the water temperature gradually, increased or decreased water per hour of not more than 20 ℃.