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Electric boiler 8 ton energy saving manufacturing companies turkey manufacturers use a very wide practical application electric boiler manufacturers of the practical application of very versatile, practical applications: corrugated paper production plus we very often use the wrapping paper, leaflets, books and pictures and so on in life, and these paper the production is take some of the steam boiler to provide steam to high temperature processing package. Especially corrugated paper processing industry is particularly strong demand for steam, the general printing and packaging Facer how to complete the appropriate equipment to provide steam steam it? A color packaging plant in Zhengzhou Yafei Ling recently purchased a 0.6T, 400KW steam boiler for supporting Facer, their printed materials with high precision printing, solid ink, color and delicate, flowing lines and so on. Food processing and drying a lot of people like to eat cookies, crackers generally are more crispy and delicious taste, some people still prefer to make cookies at home, but sometimes not enough biscuits made out of crisp, very soft, especially manufacturers in the production time if this happens, then the loss is very serious, so how dry steam boilers through drying large quantities of biscuits cookies do? We know that different types of biscuits on the baking temperature and time requirements are not the same, so the temperature and time in the process of drying employed are also different, which requires a relatively high temperature, if the temperature is too high or time is too long, it will be excessively dried biscuits, leading to qualitative, rather Yafei Ling biscuit baking steam boiler capable of multi-position adjustment, precise temperature control, and therefore only either of the timing of interest cookies baked in the drying process dry degree, so as to make good the quality control of biscuits. Sometimes the problem because the temperature will lead to the production of biscuits is not fragile, even a little soft, perhaps because of different size and quality of biscuit, resulting in uneven baking time, and some have been burned, while others not cooked, but the use of cookies baking steam boiler steam surrounded by a 360-baked biscuits and down so as to ensure uniform heating, so that the baking achieve the best results. Laundry eluting hospital sterilization machines, dryers, ironing machines, folding machines and other necessary accessories laundry, of course, also need a power source. The choice of a steam boiler with a hospital laundry room, laundry room each staff member has a different view. A lot of people in order to reduce the initial investment, do not want to install supporting the steam plant and the choice of using electric heating laundry equipment, but in the long term, laundry room will certainly regret for the latter part of high electricity bills, after all steam-powered equipment consumption electric power is only a small fraction of heating. So, in terms of cost, laundry room with steam as a power source to save more. In addition, the terms for the washing effect, in fact, no matter Which laundry room accessories supporting the use of steam boilers is better than electric heating. Steam has a unique way of working, not only clean clothes, to stretch fluffy effect, but also can remove wrinkles and odors, more comfortable to use, these are electric heating can not be done. SIN said ironing process, in order to achieve the effect of ironing, the iron must be artificially increases electric water work clothes, complicated process, the results over the ironing; and supporting the laundry is not the same steam boiler, steam humidifier itself comprising function, the garment surface is sprayed play leveling effect, without pressure, to ensure fluffy texture.

Recently, we learned, Zhangbei County, Hebei Province to speed up the transformation of low-nitrogen combustion, gas-fired, Zhangbei County Environmental Protection Agency issued the "Notice on nitrogen oxide gas boiler 8 ton energy saving manufacturing companies turkey governance", the transformation of the way around the gas boiler, the transformation of technology formalities to conduct a comprehensive explanation of propaganda, mobilization of Zhangbei above a certain size gas boiler units to actively participate in low-nitrogen transformation.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of work, the EPA developed a grasp of leadership, and a series of regular briefings on the system, arrange for the transformation of real-time tracking progress, personally led by the leaders in charge of the transformation of the construction-site supervision, to solve various problems during installation accelerate the transformation progress of the project. To date, more than 10 tons of steam Zhangbei natural gas boilers have been completed the transformation and detection of nitrogen oxide emissions, emission concentration all the stabilizing reached 30mg / m³ or less, over-done.

To protect the subsequent reconstruction work in depth, Zhangbei County township organization, the relevant units of the county with a comprehensive Mo Pai, gas-fired, gas-fired boilers for each specific model boiler unit, whether used and other basic information has been verified, the establishment improve the work ledger; to ensure that the base number is accurate, targeted work, Zhangbei arrange strengthen docking with the gas company, promptly verify the perfect new gas boiler archives, ensure the follow-up task of transformation clear, exhaustive renovation project. At the same time, combined with the actual development of the Zhangbei gas boiler compliance programs to lay a solid foundation for the comprehensive promotion of this work next year.

Procedure fire the boiler 8 ton energy saving manufacturing companies turkey pressure boiler pressure fire steps are as follows: (1) fire the boiler load pressure prior to minimize the secondary fan stop (2) before the pressure increase fire coal to improve coal bed temperature parts 10; 15 ℃, wind stop until the bed temperature decreased to 10; 15 ℃, furnace fuel was added immediately after stopping the blower fan primer burn rapidly close its inlet baffle, to prevent the bed temperature decreased. (3) let go Rematerial circulating ash. (4) Close the door open feedwater economizer economizer recirculation door to ensure safety. During open the door (5) against fire, reduced air enters the furnace flue prevented from Manhole. (6) running parallel to the boiler, the door should be closed main steam boiler and inform other users.

The purpose of the transformation of low-impact boiler 8 ton energy saving manufacturing companies turkey boiler load operation after the first, to the transformation of the boiler boiler can meet the national emission standards, and second, for the boiler safe, smooth and efficient operation, but it is inevitable that due to differences in the specific circumstances, but also there will be such a problem of low load operation of the boiler is one of the issues one way or another, which, then, operating at low load boiler exactly what kind of harm? (1) boiler in a state of low load, there will be combustion instability, easy to adjust, and many other problems caused by boiler flameout phenomenon, affecting the normal production. (2) low load state of the boiler, the temperature of the furnace will decrease, incomplete combustion boiler phenomenon occurs, reducing the thermal efficiency of the operation. Low-load operation (3) boiler to some extent, can also cause damage to the water cycle. (4) long-term operation at low load, the exhaust gas temperature of the boiler can cause decreased, an increase in the probability of occurrence of heat exchange tubes of the rear low-temperature corrosion. In short, after the transformation of the boiler, the boiler must pay attention to prevent the phenomenon of low load operation occurs, possible trouble.