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The scale is deposited on the tube will cause two drawbacks, one will corrode the high efficiency boiler dealer malaysia coil, and the other drawbacks is that impede the transfer of heat to the inside of the water through the tube. Corrosion scale coil, the coil becomes thinner, eventually resulting in leakage cracking coil, and the scale is deposited in the coil, increasing thickness, resulting in less heat is absorbed by the water, the temperature is raised more slowly . A temperature lower than the temperature set up delay, the burner would have been heated, resulting in wasted fuel and coil breakage due to overheating, causing unnecessary losses. So the boiler water must be purified to water, so-called soft water.

Residential area points run low nitrogen high efficiency boiler dealer malaysia What? For now use low nitrogen boiler is very wide, many industrial applications and even district people's lives is also used to this type of boiler, because it has been so special transformation is relatively energy-efficient and less likely to pollute the environment So widespread has been recognized and loved people. However, in order to further ensure safety, when the boiler is running low nitrogen residential area should be to comply with the following points. A, water temperature and to control the speed at the time of low nitrogen Sheung residential district boiler start of operation of the boiler and the temperature of each component is uniform and ambient temperature, as the temperature inside the combustion boiler starts rising, since the boiler relatively thick wall so that the outside temperature rises more slowly, resulting in a temperature difference generated inside and outside wall. Nitrogen and low boiler manufacturers find the temperature difference between the inside and outside will be greater as the thickness, so if the water temperature rises too much, it is possible to make the internal boiler is deformed to form cracks. Nitrogen is low boiler manufacturers emphasize To avoid this situation, one should control the Sheung speed and the water temperature, so as to be uniform so that the temperature rise in the inner and outer walls of the boiler, in order to protect the boiler is not destroyed. Second, to control the rate of temperature increase of the combustion process in which a low nitrogen boiler startup, with the temperature inside the pressure will rise together, so that both are simultaneously carried out, so control the rest of the wanted speed it is necessary to control the rate of temperature rise. And during the gradual lifting of the drum it will not only be a thick outer wall of a temperature difference occurs but also other parts of this will change so that thermal stress is generated, which for low nitrogen adverse boiler maintenance, is low nitrogen alert boiler manufacturers must control the thermal stress and reduce as much as possible to avoid excessive heating adversely affect important parts of the pressure line, flow orifice and the like. Third, the boosting speed should be adjusted during the low nitrogen pressure inside the boiler rises, the need to go through several different stages, and the pressure is increased by a certain entity, the increase rate is not the same saturation temperature of the working fluid, and the lower the pressure, the corresponding saturation temperature rise rate greater height and unit pressure as the pressure increased, increase in the saturation temperature of the water will become increasingly smaller. Thus professional boiler manufacturers of low-nitrogen of a boost very slow in the beginning, but at relatively high pressure until the situation can be improved appropriately boosted by adjusting the speed of impotence, because the pressure rise and temperature rise have mutual influence, it is not possible to separate transfers, must be considered to operate.

Water-tube high efficiency boiler dealer malaysias party soon made use of advanced production technology, is a new energy-efficient condensing boiler. Wall structure using the full mode, ready designed, manufactured, a small amount of on-site construction, short installation period; low-NOx combustion technique of FGR added sufficiently reduced emissions of harmful gases like nitrogen oxides, NOx <30mg / m³, the safety to ensure the normal operation of the boiler, which reduces security risks.

Shandong Zhaoyuan Mining Group Co., Ltd. is a large state-owned local asset management companies, gold mining dressing and smelting for leading industries, operates in the area of ​​tourism, services, precious metals, real estate, eco-agriculture, with total assets of 10.2 billion yuan, Shanghai gold Exchange is an international provider of standard gold bullion. July 2017, Shandong Mining Group and fast high efficiency boiler dealer malaysia steam signed a 0.5-ton electric heating steam boiler which mainly produce steam for metallurgical mineral processing and other manufacturing processes, energy defeating small, strong ability to supply steam .