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It depends on the calorific value of the fuel, 1t boiler cheap commercial myanmar thermal efficiency of and the enthalpy of the steam you required. Here with a formula you could calculate the amount of fuel required.

Looking back at 2018, we in the Group 'professional life, work lean, "the core values ​​of the correct leadership, and achieved fruitful results. "Fine positioning, precise process, continued optimization" is the connotation of professionalism we adhere to, in Group tireless efforts of all staff, we have made a number of break points to first academician workstation as the representative of the 1t boiler cheap commercial myanmar industry, which in the whole boiler industry are unprecedented achievement, for which we are very proud!

6 tons of 1t boiler cheap commercial myanmar pharmaceutical prices Pharmaceutical resolve 6 tons of boiler Price resolve 6 tons pharmaceutical boiler Price analytical laboratories for their own actual needs in the purchase of boilers, steam boilers mostly based, depending on the size pharmaceutical factory room, the chosen the tonnage of the boiler is not the same, the following small series 6 tons pharmaceutical factory boiler, for example for everyone to do a simple price resolution. Under normal circumstances, the boiler total = total + boiler equipment installation cost + shipping + tax + material costs, of course, depending on the installation requirements will have different accounting standards, this is just a simple summary. First, the total price of the boiler equipment, which is a first look at the pharmaceutical factory size of the venue, specific uses such as boilers, boiler in order to select the appropriate models and parameters used. In addition, depending on the selected auxiliary boiler configuration, including the configuration of the material, and other brands, different standards, prices is not the same. Then, taking into account freight, installation costs, taxes and fees, materials fees, these costs are not much involved, only need to consider tax standards from specific aspects of the distance, material costs, it is sufficient to state and local, this one the cost accounting is relatively simple, unless it is met, lack of on-site installation of hardware facilities, such as natural unfavorable, then they need to take the legal route, mouth open natural gas pipeline, probably the price will be around 20000-30000, these fee is to be calculated in it. In short, for the six tons pharmaceutical boiler is concerned, after briefly considering the details of these factors, we can come closer than the standard price, but also let us be aware of.

4 tph WNS series two-pass natural gas steam 1t boiler cheap commercial myanmar project for aluminum industry

Founded in 2007, Jiangsu Dalishen Science &Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research, development and production of aluminized zinc (steel coil), color coating (steel coil), high-precision silicon steel plates. With multiple (aluminum) zinc plating production lines, color coating production lines and silicon steel lines, Dalishen has constructed four phases of projects. This fifth phase of the project is a heat supply project for the high-precision silicon steel production lines. A new set of natural gas boiler will be adopted to supply steam for the internal silicon steel production and waste acid treatment.