Dealer High Efficiency boiler 6t Georgia

Office module using gas dealer high efficiency boiler 6t georgias, which purchase criteria? How gas boiler energy-saving, environmental protection and smart combined in one, fast Boiler invested considerable money and effort, concentrated study, launched the boiler equipment meet the above criteria - gas boiler module.

Use of natural gas dealer high efficiency boiler 6t georgia, so what can energy-saving? Natural gas boiler. Effective heat value but its low calorific value of about 8500 kcal / cubic its high calorific value of up to 10,000 calories, the extra part in burning Nao process becomes superheated steam with the flue gas discharged out, the exhaust gas temperature can reach about 220 degrees to install a waste heat recovery tube in the flue gas outlet of the column, heated with hot flue gas is pumped into the preparation boiler water, you can save gas more than 5% ,, Thus, in terms of low calorific value of the thermal efficiency of the boiler can be 88% to 92% to 98% to 102% 1, to improve the conditions of the air flow encounters improved gas boiler gas and air two streams communicating condition, and an object thereof is to increase the contact area. The greater the contact area, the greater is the reaction area, strengthen the burning. Specific measures may be air and the gas stream into small strands, so that the two streams meet and intersect with a certain velocity; cell stream of gas (generally a gas) passes through and submerged in another stream of air, and the like. 2, enhance mixing, scrambling combustion gas boilers burning gaseous fuel is a single-phase reaction, ignition and combustion of solid fuels easily than, but the rate and extent of complete combustion is mixed with the combustion gas and air quality are closely related. Better mix, burn more rapidly and completely, the flame is short. Therefore, as long as the stability of the flame is not destroyed, it should enhance airflow velocity gas stream in the combustion chamber outlet or even a baffle at the inlet of a large resistance and the like obstacles, let hitting, red flame, increase turbulence in the airflow to strengthen the mix. 3, preheated air and gas to increase the temperature of gas and air, can be enhanced combustion reaction. It should therefore be preheated using waste heat of exhaust gas and air temperature, thereby increasing the combustion temperature and the flame propagation velocity of the combustion process to be strengthened. 4, rotation of the rotating stream and the recycle gas stream causes turbulence and mixing can be enhanced. Meanwhile, in the center of the rotation will form a reflux stream of large gas back area of ​​the boot cycle, both to strengthen the mixing, also extended the flue gas flow path and residence time within the gas boiler and reduces loss of incomplete combustion. 5, flue gas recirculation in order to improve the combustion gas temperature of the reaction zone of the boiler, the flue gas may be directed to a portion of the high-temperature combustion data, so that the end of the fuel mixed with the burning or combustible mixture, in order to improve the combustion intensity. But take note that the amount of flue gas recirculation should not be too large, otherwise it will dilute the combustible mixture and the hook due to excessive inert substance, but slows down the combustion, pyrolysis and even anoxia, resulting in loss of incomplete combustion gas boiler.

I bought a condensing gas dealer high efficiency boiler 6t georgia installation worry? Read this article, do not worry! The advent of condensing gas boiler, not only to solve the technical problems of high emissions, to provide people with a good living environment; to achieve a thermal efficiency is also greatly improved, more fuel input costs. Users in-depth understanding of condensing gas boiler performance, start competing to buy. At the same time, condensing gas boiler installation has become a problem faced by many buyers in urgent need, what you need to do preparatory work before installing a condensing boiler it? First, determine if they are qualified to install environmental protection has risen to a very high degree of concern in today's society, China's relevant departments for installing and using the boiler also developed a series of rules. Those condensing gas boilers do not meet environmental requirements, enterprises and institutions to buy even if it is approved by the relevant departments have not, can not be successfully installed. Therefore, before installing condensing gas boiler, be sure to confirm whether the boiler has been installed qualification. Second, check the boiler accessories are complete condensing gas boiler was put into use from the factory to the manufacturing needs after more links, such as transport and storage. In these areas, if the relevant work in place, ignoring the many details, so that the boiler is missing, it is likely to have an impact on the performance of condensing gas boiler, and therefore it is necessary to install the boiler before the appearance of the boiler and accessories conduct a comprehensive inspection . Third, the auxiliary mobile device is ready to place a lot of big tonnage condensing gas boiler body are relatively large and difficult to move, move, or just rely on manual handling basic unrealistic. Only by means of some large hook hanging class machinery and equipment to be placed in the appropriate boiler installation location, so before installing the boiler, we need to move these auxiliary equipment ready. More than three points before condensing gas boiler installation is done mainly preparations. Good quality condensing gas boiler can provide a powerful boost for enterprises, and therefore whether the installation or in the late stage of the process, it must be carefully protected in order to play its excellent value.

In the low profit era of Chinese paper packaging industry, entrepreneurs have been turning their attention to internal management, increase business efficiency by saving energy. At present, the paper packaging industry equipment many of them appear old and comes with a variety of issues, in particular energy use seriously inadequate problem is solved and bear the brunt of reform issues. So we must make an effort in the use of energy, use energy-saving equipment for the industry, in order to solve the problem fundamentally.