flue gas waste heat boiler for power plant

Coal-fired flue waste heat boiler for power plant gas conversion costs budget analysis

Under pressure "atmosphere 10" The premise of the policy and the current environmental situation of coal to gas expansion work is now in full swing up. So the transformation of the capital budget for gas fired boiler is how to conduct it? This is basically the transformation of the former coal-fired boilers for each client during prepared to do the necessary work. And today we talk about making a few parties need to pay attention when gas fired boiler reconstruction budget

In fact, the flue waste heat boiler for power plant "coal to gas" fully able to achieve energy, mainly reflected in:

1, high combustion efficiency

The output power of the burner should be matched with the rated output of the flue waste heat boiler for power plant, and the shape of the flame, such as length and diameter, should be selected to suit the furnace structure. Supply the air needed for fuel combustion from the torch root to make the oil mist or gas and air mix evenly and quickly to ensure complete combustion.

Fast flue waste heat boiler for power plant based on the local, to the world. In 2013, Alliance Group and Indian steel companies entered into a collaboration to deliver four single 26.7 tons of steam shell type boilers, famous at home and abroad.