Energy Saving 4 ton boiler Fully Automatic Singapore

Winter heating season is approaching, Jinan City, Shandong Province in response to the country clean, low-emission environmental requirements, increase efforts to support the promotion of winter heating clean, clean heating to further enhance the city level, issued on the issue clean winter heating engineering and operational capital subsidy Notice.

Second, the use of centralized gas boiler user, uniform implementation of preferential gas prices 1.71 yuan / cubic meter, the heating period and after the end of the third-party audit of gas consumption, gas will be the final settlement price (not exceeding Municipality department approved between the reference price) and 1.71 yuan / cubic meter price difference subsidy to the gas company, to purchase heating companies use non-city franchise gas pipeline business gas heating can be direct subsidies to heating companies.

Third, the use of electricity users centralized heating, heating period and by the end of the third-party audit by the electricity, the power company will operate the unit with the settlement price and preferential rates (level of 0.5 yuan / kwh, Valley Electric 0.25 yuan / kilowatt the difference between the time) subsidy to operate the unit.

Fourth, the use of formula household heating boiler user, purchase subsidy subsidy to the user equipment or units in accordance with Standard 2000 underwritten yuan / household. Temporarily performed using the sub-family user heating boiler gas prices during the step, performed in accordance with a first gear price urban gas prices; after the heating period, gas operation subsidies subsidies to users according to standard 1200 / household .

Fifth, the use of household electric heating type user, can also get subsidies. Subsidy ranges: The air source heat pumps, domestic electric boilers, heating cables, heating the carbon crystal plate user. According to the notification, the device according to the purchase subsidy subsidized purchase truly carbon crystal plate does not exceed 2,000 yuan / household air-source heat pump, domestic electric boilers, heating cables subsidy standard is 2000 Yuan / or household user to Advancer units. After the heating period, power to the user according to operating subsidies subsidies 1200 / standard household.

Steam energy saving 4 ton boiler fully automatic singapore is how to maintain safe operation?

Maintenance system of the boiler water level maintenance, maintenance of pressure, temperature maintenance, turn off the power and maintain self-locking maintenance components. Maintain the water level is mainly equipped with two sets of pumps steam boilers, boiler water level gauge two are often compared to each other, not necessarily to find, to be immediately corrected. Water level frequently cleaned to ensure that it is level. Electrode together with a water equilibrium point pipe, it is possible to adopt an accurate water level signal, alarm declared.

Compared with a conventional energy saving 4 ton boiler fully automatic singapore, a condensing boiler at the innovation of condensing boilers into the market once it is widely used in many industries is the main energy-providing device. Compared with the traditional conventional boiler, a condensing boiler whether it is energy-saving and environmental protection, safety performance and service life have been like a leap of improvement. Fast boiler for everyone to explain, condensing boilers innovation place on the traditional boiler, and for everyone to make a comparative analysis of all aspects. 1, the exhaust gas temperature is more prominent energy saving conventional boiler is typically around 230 deg.] C, high-temperature heat generated in the water after fuel combustion, flue gas is discharged with a large amount, the thermal efficiency is typically only about 80%. While the condensing boiler flue gas temperature is reduced to 100 deg.] C or less, full recovery of the latent heat sensible heat portion of the flue gas and water vapor, to increase the thermal efficiency of 105% or more, very energy efficient. 2, more secure life because conventional boiler design failure of the critical parts of the burning room, heat exchangers, etc., combined with elements of domestic bad water quality, gas quality, resulting in the boiler can not be reached using several life planning needs; and the number of life using condensing boilers ( 25 years up and down) because it is revolutionary work, compared with the traditional boiler, the number of life increased dramatically. 3, scale processing technology is more advanced conventional boiler in order to improve heat transfer efficiency, typically the size of the fine selection of heat exchangers, water pipes not only fine, and the thickness of the pipe is compressed to a minimum limit, which is causing a serious question - pole easy to form scale, which is the primary reason most fireplaces obsolete. In order to deal with the scale (the biggest killer of conventional boiler) problems, most customers have monogamous water softeners. And because the choice of a new condensing boiler burning hot mix, use a large water pipe system, you do not have to worry scale questions. This is the place innovation compared to conventional boilers condensing boilers because of ultra-high energy efficiency condensing boiler and heating professional results, are now widely popular business units. These are fast boiler gives you a summary of three condensing boilers and conventional boilers contrast, hope can help you better understand the condensing boiler.

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